Has 2.0 changed at all since it first got released?


I tried 2.0 when it first got released. It didn’t have the crazy gas effects of early versions of Soylent, but it still proved to be too much of an adjustment for me. I’m wondering if the recipe has been altered at all since then? I’m thinking of giving it another try, especially if I can buy just one or two bottles at 7/11.


I can think of at least one change. The original 2.0 formula used algal oil as a primary fat source; after an apparent dispute between Soylent and its supplier, they changed to sunflower and canola oil. I’m hoping they switch back someday.

Also, I believe a couple iterations ago (starting with 1.8, I think?), the powder version changed shifted from isomaltooligosaccharide to soluble corn fiber as a fiber source. Looking at the ingredient information for Drink/Cafe, it lists isomaltooligosaccharide as an ingredient for Original, but corn fiber as an ingredient for Cacao and the Cafe flavors. So while Original seems to still use the previous fiber source, the flavored options appear to use the new one.

IIRC, I think some users have reported that they experience gas/bloating issues with Original but not with Cacao/Cafe. Check this thread out: Anyone who got gas from 2.0 doing fine on flavored versions or cafe versions?. Not sure if that’s related to the isomaltooligosaccharide/corn fiber thing, but you might want to give Cacao or the Cafe flavors a try and see if they work better for you.


Awesome, thanks for the reply. I recall both these changes now. (I’ve been here from the beginning) Hopefully they switch to corn fiber for Original 2.0 at some point. And I’m still hoping for a different protein source but that probably won’t happen. This stuff looks promising: https://www.tateandlyle.com/ingredient/proatein-oat-protein


I wouldn’t trust oat protein. Don’t get me wrong, oats are great and I’ve eaten a lot, but they’re a great carb and a so-so at best protein. Remember the brown rice protein in early Soylents? That stuff didn’t work for me ta all.