Has anybody tried Sani? New company on the scene, no information I can find


I’ve spent the past two months searching for a brand to use. My friend uses Soylent 2.0, and I’ve been trying it through theirs, and I’ve also tried 100% foods. I recently came across this Sani, and was intrigued that they customize each order to ones specific needs. Thinking about getting a subscription, but haven’t heard much of anything about them, nor are there any reviews of the stuff. Anyone tried it?

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I just used their personalized calculator a few times it’s kind of neat.

You put in your age, gender, weight, activity level, and an option to lose/maintain/gain weight, then Mike the robot does some calculating.

For a mid-20s lightly active male maintaining180 lbs it suggests this.

For a mid-20s moderately active male losing from 300 lbs it suggests this.

For a mid-20s sedentary woman maintaining 110 lbs it suggests this.

Then it asks you to pick your flavors, you have to order at least 14 meals at $5 a meal (three meals per day).

2.0 is so good that I have no interest in switching back to powdered varieties, but if this had been around prior to 2.0 it might have warranted a sample from me, and I never tried any of the Soylent competitors.

Edit: Just wanted to come back and point out that if you subscribe you get a 15% discount, so that drops the price to 4.25 per meal/12.75 per day for a custom mix. They’ll even customize it further if you want to contact them and let them know what macro ratios you want (for no additional charge as far as I can tell). If I was looking for something like this still it certainly seems pretty slick.

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Thank you for posting these examples! I notice that the Ingredients list is identical for every one (including “Brown Rice Flour Brown” which looks like a typo). The list was also the same for my entered data (moderately active mid-70s male losing from 180). I think “Mike the Robot” doesn’t have to work too hard!

I am interested in the Iron %RDA in the above examples, because I have to take an iron supplement. For the two males above, and my custom recipe, the Iron percentage tracks closely to the calories per meal figure. This makes me think they are giving everybody exactly the same stuff, but in different quantities. However it is dubious to me that they are giving males well above the RDA. That’s not a good thing, you can get too much iron!

The example for the Small female says it gives only 48% of the Iron RDA – but the RDA for females is 2.25 times that of males (18mg vs 8mg). So to a close approximation, the small female is getting exactly the same stuff, slightly less per package. And females on this diet would definitely want to take an additional iron supplement.

So at least for that one micro-nutrient, Sani is not giving anything close to optimal quantities, or customized or personalized quantities, at all.

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Hey, Sebastian here. I’m one of the Sani founders.

While we all have similar micronutrient needs, the magic really happens with the macros (proteins, carbs and fats). These are personalized based on your information and the algorithm makes sure nothing is over RDA’s. Then, we manually double check each recipe before production as we perfect the code.

Edit: I should also add that since it’s non-heme iron, it has a lower absorption and is more likely to remain bound in the fiber anyway.

Thanks for responding. I am only kibitzing based on the numbers displayed here, not on any kind of experience or professional knowledge. That said, you might want to clarify “the algorithm makes sure nothing is over RDA’s”, because at least in the case of Iron, the Sani recommendations shown above are clearly over the RDAs for males, and well short of it for females.

The ~150% Iron in the male Sani diets, which appears to be ~12-15mg/day, is well under the “tolerable upper intake level” shown by the NIH. But if a female like “Small” above, lived on 100% Sani, she would be getting much less than the RDA, again per the NIH, which could have significant effects.

Where is the discount for sani? I am very curious.

It is automatic when you choose “subscription.” Subscription price is discounted 15% from one-time purchase.

Happy to answer any questions. You can use the code ‘discourse’ for a discount :raised_hands: