Has anyone been on 66% soylent then went to 100%

Have any of you been on 2 meals a day of soylent for a month or so then went to all soylent? Did you notice any difference? Weight loss or general feeling better?

Yes, not particularly, though I feel more stable on a more stable diet.

At first I read the title and was like “66%…?” lol. I started at 2 a day. I quickly realized that food felt like being gut punched and cut it down to sparing snacks.

I’ve been on 2 meals per day for over 8 months, but about two months back I had two extremely busy days, and I ended up at 100% for those two days purely out of convenience, then kept it up for two more days just to see what happens.

I didn’t notice feeling any different over those four days… I was expecting maybe a change in stools or feeling more hungry or some other distinct change, but there was nothing noticeable. I think I lost weight a bit quicker (a primary reason I’m using Soylent is to regulate calories to help lose weight) but not drastically so, and four days is hardly a long enough to be a real benchmark.

thats why im using soylent too, for convienience and weight loss, i work in the oil field and cant cook real meals, and getting complete nutrition is also a bonus, but by the end of the day i end up craving some form of solid food, usually ends up being fast food, so im not seeing much weight loss

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Going from 2 to 3 meals a day is doable for sure. For me in particular my diet isn’t that rigid. Some days I might have 1 Soylent meal and 2 regular food. Then other days I might only eat Soylent. Then other days, although rare, I might not even eat Soylent. I think it might be better to think of Soylent like other staples such as bread or rice. Think of Soylent as a “base” that you build on top of. What you will find (or probably) found is that Soylent is so fast and convenient that it often ends up being a large percentage without much effort.

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