Has anyone donated blood while on Soylent?


There was another post on what blood tests one should get and how much they cost. I recommended contacting a blood bank and seeing if when they take the blood and test it if you could get a copy of the results.

My question though is, has anyone donated blood while on Soylent? I don’t think that there would be a problem, but I believe when you donate blood it is recommended to intake more vitamin C and sugar to compensate for lack of blood.


Should you donate blood while on Soylent?


If your a donor maybe?


Well if this becomes a global food source then not being able to donate blood could have adverse affects on the world / hospital blood supplies.
But I see your point.


This won’t be alpha forever.


This may be more of a benefit to the DIY’ers, but as Rob said in an early blog post, dialing in adjustments for exact deficiencies is made much easier with Soylent.


Well assuming Soylent is giving you only vitamins and nutrients that the body needs, wouldn’t your blood health be greatly improved, making it better blood to donate?


When a person needs a blood transfusion, they are in a terrible situation. The blood is given as a heroic lifesaving procedure. Tiny imbalances in plasma constituents are pretty much irrelevant considering your one unit of blood will only replace 1/10th of the patient’s bloodstream. They’ve got bigger problems than some hypothetical micronutrient deficiency. Also, the person is likely eating a varied diet before they got shot, got in a car wreck, or had dangerous surgery.


I’ve also heard that women have a higher RDA for iron because of their monthly blood loss. I would think the same would be true for someone who donates blood regularly, though I’ve never seen any numbers.


I don’t know about you guys, but every time I’ve donated blood they’ve had little boxes of fruit juices and an assortment of small cookies, all free to donors. It seems like donating is so infrequent it makes more sense to just monkey-patch the diet as needed.