Has anyone else seen "space nutrients station"?



I googled ‘soylent’ today to get to the discussion forums. This is the first link on Google (they paid for the first spot).

I’m sticking out for Rob and gang’s Soylent, but this is intriguing.
Seems like a pretty simple vegan DIY with a professional website and some decent sales copy.



Just to clarify, the “1 week/month” prices they have listed are for one meal (650kcal) per day – tripling those, the prices make a little more sense. The 1-month level actually ends up being around the same as Soylent ($270 for 30 days vs 255 for 28).

Looks interesting though. I wonder if @rob would be interested in talking to the guy and comparing notes.

Edit: Also, googling ‘soylent’ still comes up with all the regular Soylent discourse/blog/article sites for me, no space nutrients to be seen – even if I open it up in incognito to lose any custom search patterns. Not sure why it popped up for yours, they doesn’t really seem to reference soylent anywhere on their site.


Probably fine as a a once a day thing…price seems reasonable… just a shame I can’t try it since it’s USA only.


Exactly! The fact that they don’t reference soylent and yet that the ad popped up is sort of what spooked me~ their product is obviously very soylent-esque

Anyhow, when I search soylent, it doesn’t show anymore ( I was gonna post a screen shot )

The ad (that no longer exists) mentioned “vegan soylent.” I doubt I’ve played some cognitive trickery upon myself and yet the ad is no longer there


They probably only paid for a certain number of impressions and they have been used up.


Interesting because it’s out of Russia, yet only allows U.S. to be selected to ship to. The website is registered to a Russian address, and it’s obvious when you poke around the site. Although it seems marketed toward Americans for some reason. There’s nothing I can find about production, food safety measures or anything to make me feel too confident in what I’m buying. It seems like one person’s DIY soylent that he decided to try to sell - the whole website and social media date to Jan. 24 this year. Anyway it looks tasty, just not too sure about the production conditions…

Edit: The FB page has a bunch of photos on Venice Beach, so maybe it’s LA based now. Don’t know why the website is registered in Russia though, and obviously the English is barely passable on all the materials.

The ingredients look good though:
" Flax seeds, Hemp hearts, Banana flakes, Rice flour, Wheat germ, Wheat flour, Wheat bran, Malted Barley flour, Whey protein, Lecithin, Salt, Dextrose, Vanilla + All Vitamins and Minerals according to 2000 calorie diet."

Although the site mentions they get all their micros from Mega Men Maximum Nutrition, so it has sucralose. Mega Men is definitely not “all natural.” :slight_smile:


Someone who’s been following Soylent and probably copied the original recipe. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was someone from this forum.


The style of the logo is a close copy/style of the Soylent twitter account.


It was NickF, conspiracy!

I kid, I kid… :stuck_out_tongue:


I looked at it to see if there was any payment processor like paypal (since full businesses which don’t have something like that are usually scams) but their site wasn’t even functional. I could get to the point of putting something in the cart, but the cart wouldn’t open. If they can’t even make their cart work, I wouldn’t exactly feel safe with the behind the scenes.

Kinda glad there is some alternative though. Strong products and markets have knockoffs and competition. Look at Mio- they could have been just a fad item that lived through a couple production runs like a new type of soda, but it got a ton of knockoffs and became a type of product in that category. In short, competition is a sign that it is doing (or expected to do) well. I’ve been hopefully waiting for another company to pop up, even if I stick with Soylent.


Okay, that was interesting…kind of like back-alley deals are interesting.


Spaceman is on soylent sub reddit talking about his website.


Got a link to where he’s talking about it directly?[quote=“cohron, post:12, topic:11423”]
Spaceman is on soylent sub reddit talking about his website.


I got the same ad at the top of my Google results yesterday when I googled “soylent”.

The ad said something to the effect of “No FART soylent.” …or something like that. Wish I would have taken a screenshot.


No fart? Maybe they are using an early recipe that had no sulfur, or purposefully removed it. That isn’t good. Not giving your body something for the sake of vanity is never good.


Its very easy to get it touch with this guy instead of sitting here guessing. Here is my convo with him yesterday from Facebook Messenger:

Conversation started Thursday
Scott Langford
2/20, 5:04pm
Scott Langford
I currently consume my own DIY “soylent.” What is the difference with your product and what soylent is proposing?
Space Nutrients Station
2/20, 5:12pm
Space Nutrients Station
Hi Scott
We have 3 main advantages:

  1. Completely dry formula - need no to mix powder & oil.
  2. Bottle as a package - just add water, shake, enjoy.
  3. No fart formula (if you use your own DIY - you know…)
    If you want - I can give you a sample - if you share your feelings on website.
    Scott Langford
    2/20, 5:15pm
    Scott Langford
    I have lost 10 pounds with my own formula but taste sucks. I just gulp it down. No farts though. I follow http://diy.soylent.me/recipes/quidnycs-superfood-for-him but changed a bit. I take more protein less carb. (40% carb/ 30 protein/30%fat)
    Scott Langford
    2/20, 5:16pm
    Scott Langford
    I would love a sample and will review it for sure.
    Space Nutrients Station
    2/20, 5:26pm
    Space Nutrients Station
    Corn masa is really tough to eat, I tried it but skipped. I lost my 4.4 lbs within 1-st week, then weight stabilized.
    I use proportions strictly to USDA 2000 cal diet (they are different than Rob promotes, look: http://www.fda.gov/food/guidanceregulation/guidancedocumentsregulatoryinformation/labelingnutrition/ucm064928.htm
    For sample, pls. give me your address and I will appreciate it you cover the shipment.
    The best way to do this is to order One-Day-Trial with promo code F1B2O1. You will receive 3 bottles free, while shipment will be $10.
    Is that feasible for you?
    Scott Langford
    2/20, 5:29pm
    Scott Langford
    Ya ok… want me to give you my address or just do it on your website?
    Space Nutrients Station
    2/20, 5:32pm
    Space Nutrients Station
    Not to double - just put at website (I now your name, so will select from other customers).
    Good luck!
    Scott Langford
    2/20, 5:38pm
    Scott Langford
    OK, just paid.
    Some people are curious about your site being out of Russia? http://discourse.soylent.me/t/has-anyone-else-seen-this-wtf/11423
    Space Nutrients Station
    2/20, 6:00pm
    Space Nutrients Station
    I got you order, will ship today.
    Yes, I’m a Russian:)
    But in LA.
    Scott Langford
    2/20, 6:01pm
    Scott Langford
    Scott Langford
    2/20, 6:46pm
    Scott Langford
    Can you expand on what you said here: “I use proportions strictly to USDA 2000 cal diet (they are different than Rob promotes”


Does he use less fiber to decrease farts or something?


I was actually interested in buying some, at least in the short term while waiting for the real thing to come out.

But there’s a few details that concern me.
The company founder is identified only by his first name.
There’s no physical address anywhere, at least not that I found.
And google has never heard of the famous astronaut Tavarious Berginsworth.
I think I’ll let someone else try it first.


Hats off to you for going to the source. Nice job!


Embarrassingly I can’t find it. I recall seeing it on reddit and thought it was strange. Sorry I sent you on a goose chase. I’ll make sure I know the link before posting replies.