Has anyone experienced any stomach pain with 1.4?


I’ve been having stomach pain that’s been keeping me up at night for that past week or so…

Going to the doctor later this week , but has anyone else on Soylent been having stomach issues on 1.4?

Yes, I’ve taken myself off Soylent for a while now.


Yeah sure, go into a crowded building and yell FIRE!!! Then after panic breaks out say well you didn’t actually see fire, you just thought you might have smelled smoke.

How about STOP consuming Soylent for several days and then see how you feel, then report your findings.


Then how about keeping quiet about it until you find out whats going on? Inferring that Soylent has caused your illness (whether you intended to or not) is in poor taste.

And if calling someone out on trying to set off hysteria is crazy, then I guess I’m crazy. Try thinking about what reaction you might set off before inferring a potential illness due to a product.


…I’m off it dumbass.



No one is trying to set off hysteria.

People have mentioned a variety of issues with all versions of Soylent.

I believe you are overreacting.

I’ll change the subject for you my friend


Serious question here… why do you create a new topic every other day?


Clearly you have appendicitis. Rush to a doctor.


Pfffft. Real men perform their own appendectomies.


I don’t get where all the hostility is coming from. Muggle was just asking if anyone noticed the same system. Not like he was trolling.


He has created 156 topics.

That is over double the next highest amount of topics created (75).

For comparison, you, me and the other two people here have a combined 42 topics created.

Troll: a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community.


Ur nuts. I asked a simple question. Stick to the topic or I’ll have to flag you


Slightly related here, but I was looking for the source of your definition of troll and ended up on wikipedia, where they have an entire page dedicated to “internet troll”. At first I was surprised, then I was like “… nah, that makes sense.”

Anyway, one of the terms they use for trolls in China is “pēn zi”, literally “spurter”. LOL. Whenever (if ever) the Great Firewall comes down, the content that comes out of China is gonna be awesome.


Stick to the topic. Make your reply relevant to the question I asked…I’m sure you can do that cupcake


Woah that’s freaky dude, I’m eating a cupcake right now. I’m not even kidding.


Muggle, you have to remember that Ric is the official hall monitor here. He decides on the appropriateness (or not) of each post. I myself have fallen afoul of his system.



I thought it was topic envy…But I’m not going there, not me, nope…:slight_smile:


Eve, it is true I PM’d you in February,

I did point out the section in the community guidelines where it states, “Don’t sign your posts — every post has your profile information attached to it.”

In the same PM, I also wrote, “I enjoy your comments. Take care.”

Your reply clearly stated you were unhappy with me pointing this out. So I replied again, apologizing for upsetting you.

Since then you have had a habit of replying passively-aggressive to many of my posts. Which is your prerogative.

Perhaps, if I apologize to you in a public forum, instead of just in the PM from February, we can put this behind us? Because as I stated in my email, I enjoy your comments. Not only are they informative, but your background in food production (that might be a mischaracterization) brings an angle to a lot of manufacturing questions that is quite helpful.

So, again, I am earnestly sorry @EveB that I offended you with my PM about post signatures.



dis·course: written or spoken communication or debate.


To answer the original question, yes, when I drank too much before bed, I had stomach (gas?) pain in the middle of the night that would actually wake me up.