Has anyone found a better pitcher/blender?

I’ve been using the included pitcher and while its not awful, it can be a hassle. It leaks from time to time and I often find myself ‘cleaning up’ my sink and counter after making a batch of Soylent.

I’m wondering if anyone has found a better solution for mixing up a batch of Soylent – emphasis on ease of use more so than price or aesthetics please.


It’s been said many times here that you mustn’t over-tighten the lid on the Takeya pitcher, because that will actually break the seal and make it leak.

I don’t have the experience with it, I use this instead.


There’s a 27 step guide complete with a 45 minute Youtube how-to video posted elsewhere on Discourse that should help clear things up a little bit.


Here’s one of the shorter threads on it…

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I use mainly blender bottles with my DIY, but when I used official Soylent I used this:

It is a bit of a pain to clean but it keeps everything frosty cold all day.