Has anyone PROVEN that bodybuilding is possible on a Soylent-type diet?

I know there have been some discussions about bodybuilding on a diet of Soylent-type-stuff, but so far, I haven’t been able to dig up any threads where people are saying, “Here’s a pic of my rocking physique, built mostly/exclusively on Soylent/Schmoylent/DIY Project Z.” Can anyone link me to such a thread? How about posting a photo of yourself, if you’re a bodybuilder who relies mosty or exclusively on one of these nutritionally complete solutions? If you’re, say, a bodybuilder who eats half Soylent and half normal food, I’d still like to see your results, but it would be much more convincing to see pics of a bodybuilder who’s running on 90-100% S(chm)oylent.

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I’m not a bodybuilder but I am lifting weights in an attempt to put on some muscle. My progress had plateaued rather annoyingly for a few months till I started on my DIY. Since then I’ve noticed steady improvement in my strength and muscle growth.

One of the beauties of the soylent concept is you can hit any macronutrient ratio and calorie count you want and not worry about missing the micronutrients.


Glad you’re having good results.

The uncompromising precision you describe is extremely attractive to me.

Now that’s got me thinking: are there any programs out there that allow you to plug in a bunch of ingredients, your desired macronutrient ratios, a number of calories, and then they tell you exactly how much of each ingredient you need to meet the requirements? I’ll be starting with an established and respected DIY tek, but it would be nice to know that such a program exists.

Oh, by the way, exactly which DIY tek are you using, Horsfield? You say you’re having good results, so I’d like more information on just what you’re doing, if you don’t mind. Have you taken an established tek and modified it for bodybuilding? Are you using an established tek as-is? Are you blazing a whole new trail?

I’ve been using my chin-up bar for years whenever I walk past it, and not really gaining much strength as a result. Since I got on soylent, I’m at the point now where I can now pull up from a dead drop and hold for quite a few seconds. I haven’t increased my rate of exercise at all. I’m also pretty sure my core is getting stronger too… spontaneously checked the other day and I can plank for over a minute again, when I’d been down to about 20 seconds a few months ago. I have some weights in the back that I plan on starting to mess with whenever I get the urge. One thing Soylent definitely does is gives me more endurance for exercise.


There’s a Schmoylent review by a guy named Dan that says, “I have experienced no change in general well-being, energy, hunger or intestinal discomfort (this is a GOOD thing). I was able to continue lifting weights and function normally physically and mentally.”


I don’t see why it would be any different. It has everything your body needs and perhaps more than the common person gets in the day.

Avid crossfitter and Olympic lifter here. I make my own DIY that is nearly. 33/33/33 fat/protein/carb blend that also proves me 200% rdi for protein. It hits right at 2000 calories a day. After two months my weight has been static but my body fat has dropped 1-2% points without any change in activity. For me the key is getting my micro/macros without having to overboard it on calories and supplements


I agree. When people ask me what Soylent is I usually respond with something like “It’s just food.” There’s a convenience for sure and the nutrition of course but ultimately it’s food. Why would it be any different indeed. That seems a little like asking if you can bodybuild on Asian food or Mexican food and so on. Different? Sure. Still food.


That’s a good way of putting it. Your body doesn’t know whether the food you eat is Italian, Jewish, or Mexican. Your body just breaks down the chemicals and uses them. It’s like asking whether protein isolate doesn’t count towards your muscle growth as a bodybuilder. Your body uses it to repair muscles. It doesn’t care where it came from. All that matters is whether your body treats it like any other protein you get from say chicken breast, an egg, or whatever else has protein.


Not that I’ve seen but I haven’t really dived into the DIY scene, maybe someone else has found one? If not, it sounds like it would be a fun development project…


The DIY site provides allot of tools for figuring out your macros and ingredient profiles. There are lots of recipes already made some of which are designed for bodybuilding. I use a modified version of the ever popular People Chow that I call Chris Fuel not to be confused with any of the recipes made by @axcho

I started by visiting various macronutrient calculators specifically designed for bodybuilding to get the recommended macronutrients. Then I went to the USDA site and used their calculator for the micronutrients. Finally I went to the Nutrient Calculator on the DIY site and entered the numbers. This gave me a nutrient profile that I then used to modify People Chow.


My personal experience with Double Protein 100%FOOD - I gain muscles as never had when I was young. (I’m 37 y.o. now).

You might be interested to check Registered Dietitian recommendations regarding using different amount of protein in DIY for bodybuilding. In short - you need not only protein but carbs to trigger the process of growing tissues.

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Im also a crossfitter. I only go about 3 times a week and I drank my own diy soylent. it’s been about a month. I started drinking soylent to lose weight, but I’ve actually gained weight. I’m looking trimmer in the mirror so it’s probably mostly muscle. My performance in crossfit has improved a lot quicker than before as well. Also I seem to heal faster which is a plus. I guess if you want to look trim you have to watch your calories. but after drinking soylent I’m noticing less random problems like cramps and aches. Probably because I wasn’t getting all the nutrients I was needing before


If your looking to cut weight Keen I would recommend adjusting your cardio instead of adjusting your Soylent, In my experience when I dropped my calories 300 a day, I got less result then simply introducing 300 calories of exercise (such as a 45 minute walk) daily. That is of course in addition to my regular crossfit / lifting routines


I understand that there’s no reason to doubt that S(chm)oylent can, in principle, work for bodybuilders, but knowing that the idea is feasible in principle is a far cry from seeing a pic of a ripped body. Still, I NEED a solution to my TMJ, and as long as I’m going to be eating in a way that allows me to eat all the calories I want, I might as well also get back to work at the gym. I never would have given up bodybuilding if not for TMJ. When it started, I weighed 265 pounds and was shooting for 300. Now, I’m a rather slender 220 (at 6’6"). I’m still fit, but I miss being a beast.

I’ve been poking around the DIY forum and have decided to start with QuidNYC’s Superfood For Him. The macronutient ratio is not ideal for my present goals, but the ingredients themselves seem to be the healthiest you can get. The high amount of BCAAs in whey protein isolate is a huge plus. All I will need to do, it seems, is adjust the amount of flour, protein powder, and oil–and of course double or triple the calories. :smiley:

Time to drop four Benjamins on Amazon. Wish me luck, folks.


I gained 30 lbs in 6 weeks on my DIY you should check out my blog http://7zf.blogspot.com

Any idea how much of that was water weight and/or fat? No way 100% was muscle. The human body can only put on about 15 pounds of muscle in an entire year.

No really reliable way to tell. bioimpedance measured by a fitbit aria registered minor changes in body fat percentage. That being said, I don’t trust bioimpedance. My abdominal skin fold went from about 10 mm to 18 mm

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I dont trust the bioimpedance testers either. Before I did my research I bought a fitbit aria. I can stand on it and get one percentage. Step off and right back on and get a different percentage. I much prefer the skin fold calipers. Short of paying god knows how much on a DEXA scan skin calipers are reliable enough for me.

Dear all,
rather interesting topic.
Im doing 3-4 times / week sport, and have a normal office job.
I started to use Soylent (100%Food) as a pure food alternative, but always stopped after some days, because
I was starving.

Now Im not sure, if 2000cal/day is really the right amount, or are more calories better?

Goal is to loose fat, not weight (I am 180cm and 72Kg, male)

Sorry for my perfect english :smile: