Has anyone received a shipment from PA recently?


Got a shipping notification today but the origination is CA whereas it had been PA before (I’m in VA).


I think CA is now their main shipping place. I would think it would be difficult to maintain standards with too many shipping centers, and since freshness isn’t an issue, there isn’t much reason to decentralize shipping. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


They originally only had one shipping facility. At some point they opened up the PA to try to get shipments out faster to the other side of the country. In the past my original shipments (like everyone’s) were from CA. At some point they started shipping to me from PA (and I would get it the next day after is shipped). Then I think they some kind of problem and the next shipment came from CA again.

I haven’t received any shipments in a while so I don’t know if they are still shipping from there.


My monthly subscription came last Thursday from PA. I live in MI and all of shipments have come from PA


I stand corrected! (more characters)


FWIW-- it’s cheaper to bulk ship product to PA for delivery on the East coast than to individually ship large quantities of individual shipments from West to East coast.

Opening a separate distribution center is almost certainly entirely about cost savings.

As the demand and the number of consumers grows, it will make more sense to open still more facilities.

In the mean time, when one facility experiences a shortage (such as the CA facility not being able to fulfill an order) they can always shift the delivery/shipping to the alternate facility to ensure product is delivered in a timely fashion.

The only reason that I could see them not shipping from the PA facility any more is if they experienced problems with the warehousing/shipping facility-- from everything I’ve read, I’m fairly certain (read: I speculate) that the PA warehouse is retained on contract and is not owned or operated by Rosa Labs.

And if that was the case, they would cancel that contract, and most likely locate another business to contract with. See above referenced cost savings from bulk shipping to PA (for more localized distribution) for justification of my opinion.


It’s certainly more efficient and practical to have bi-coastal shipping…hopefully this case was an anomaly.


The opposite here: my one-month shipment was sent from PA two days ago, and was last updated in Nebraska. I’m in California.


I seem to remember awhile back people receiving double and phantom orders usually from somewhere back east.


Better not be a phantom order! Since FedEx tracking shows it moving along, I gotta assume it’s legit.


My most recent shipment is being shipped from PA. I’m in Washington state.


They ship from Lancaster, PA…I live in PA and that’s where all my shipments have come from except the very first one.


yeah mine came from Lancaste, PA via FedEx