Has anyone seen inconsistency between batches? Possible explanation for differing reactions to 1.4


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People have vastly differing opinions on Soylent 1.4. When initial feedback came out it seemed that these differences were simply a reflection of the subjectivity in people’s tastes and preferences. Although subjectivity will always be a factor, I’m now starting to wonder if part of the problem might be inconsistency in preparation, due to the rapid scaling up of Soylent’s manufacturing.

Have we traded one unsavory outcome (massive delays) for another (variability in end result, ranging between revulsion and completely loving it)? Has high demand for Soylent lead to compromises in supply chain choices and manufacturing processes? Some clarification from Rosa Labs on this point would be most appreciated.


I don’t think that Rosa Labs needs to clarify based on your wondering. We have seen the manufacture of Soylent stop because one of its components didn’t meet the company’s specifications. I don’t think there is evidence that Rosa Labs has messed up its production process.


I’ll admit that the suggestion of improper manufacturing is speculative, but there were some reports of inconsistency back in January which lead me to consider this hypothesis. I’m just curious if this type of issue might be more widespread than realized. Perhaps I should have phrased this post more as a request for comment from potentially affected users rather than requesting anything of RL at this time.


In another post I speculated that RL could have made adjustments in 1.4, another way of accounting for inconsistancies. Unfortunately, few of us have tasted different batches of 1.4. If there was someone who loved one batch of 1.4 and hated another batch, that might raise real questions.


Anytime we have had a problem with a bad batch we cross reference the batches and issue refunds and replacement products. That being said, sometimes people just react differently to the taste of Soylent. So its not a case of a bad batch but more of them needed to adjust to the taste.


It’s not just taste that varies, but sometimes even the colour is vastly different. Makes me wonder if the ingredient amounts were consistent. Can’t say I suffered any ill effects, though, so I can’t say those batches were “bad”. (I even felt they tasted better haha)


If you experience a strange batch, PLEASE post the batch number! There are also prefix and suffix codes on some batch numbers which it seems RL is unwilling to detail…


Perhaps, though with my own 1.4 batches, I get the “slimy dripping” that people reference when hating it, but it tastes/consistency is just fine with me. I think the amount of water might be more of a factor, though not discounting the possibility of batch variation.


I was just about to post about this. My first batch of Soylent 1.4 (I ordered one week, shortly after announcement), Lot# G5078DA, exp 2/2017. I wasn’t sure what everyone was complaining about, it was relatively thin (I’d say slightly thicker than ensure), had a slightly sweet taste, and very mildly salty aftertaste, but not much else. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

So I ordered 2 weeks worth, and am now consuming Lot# L5071, exp 3/2017. When I first made it, I thought I’d messed up and not put enough water in (though I had used the same amount). It is VERY thick in comparison, like I have to kind of chew it, like a thick smoothie, and has much stronger starchy flavor, kind of like flour. I would say I can’t even really detect a sweet flavor.

Although, I don’t know if it’s me just getting used to it, but I experience less phlegm on this newer, thicker batch, and potentially even stay fuller longer. I’m not sure what explains the difference, but it as VERY noticeable. I actually think I liked the flavor and experience of drinking the first lot, since it was slightly sweeter and easier to drink (this new batch actually takes about twice as long to pour as well).

So I think it’s definitely true that people’s varied experiences might relate to the lot they received, though I’m not sure how there could be such wildly different products and still be using the same ingredients.


Just got a 3rd batch of 1.4 (C15054P02) and on my first bag I’m getting a fairly nasty bitter aftertaste… I sensed something like this initially on the last batch but it seemed to go away. This feels even stronger. After a glass of water I can still taste the bitterness.

P.S. what I mentioned elsewhere about them figuring out how to seal the bags with the zippers closed doesn’t seem to apply to this new batch… zipper is open and I can feel powder above and below :confused:


But I find that if there is powder above, I can crinkle the part of the bag across from the zipper and cause the powder above the zipper to drop below. So when I actually cut or tear the top of the bag open, all the powder is neatly together way below the zipper and thus doesn’t create dust.


Yeah, it’s not a big deal… I did notice the actual bag construction was different from the previous batch though. The batch with sealed zippers seemed to have more distance between the zipper and top of the bag.

Oh and the bitter after-taste I detected has more or less vanished. Even within the same bag (I stashed some in a thermos to take to work and it tasted fine). So not sure what’s up with my taste buds but the problem is clearly with me and not the Soylent.

edit: I do notice on this latest batch it actually FEELS thicker… When I shake it in the Takeya it makes more of a glopping sound than a splashing sound (scientific terms, I know…)


The zipper issue is something we cant fully control. Different package would result is different costs. But even with a different package the nature of being tossed around in the back of a delivery truck means the powder will get everywhere. I suggest shaking the pouch first, then opening it.


I just got another L* batch and the expiration is still 2017 so I guess it wasn’t an across the board change to 1 year?

Is it possible the macronutrient profile changes from batch to batch? This batch seems extra creamy and there is zero aftertaste. After sitting for a long time (12+hrs) it stratifies much more than other batches. I also seem to be more satiated with this batch (consuming less than I expected). This might all point to a higher fat content… but I’d like to think all batches have the same macronutrient profile.


YES! I was just about to start a topic about this! I loved my last month of 1.4, but I just got a new shipment a couple days ago (@Conor, it’s Lot #L5097 - do I have to email Soylent to get a replacement month?), and it’s unpleasantly thick and slimy and tastes like flour. Someone on here compared 1.4 to “drinking mucus” a while back, and that’s exactly what it feels like. It’s really bad. By comparison, every pitcher of 1.4 from my last shipment had a thinner, creamy consistency (no “power lines” or glopping around when being shaken), and tasted great unflavored. I’m starting to think most of the complaints about 1.4 are the result of a lot of bad batches going out.


You can always email us at info@soylent.me.


I suspect most cases of inconsistency that people observe result from the preparation process and are not really related to the Soylent itself.

For example, I noted with 1.3 and earlier versions, allowing the “wetted” Soylent to sit for any length of time without shaking made a big difference. If I combined the Soylent and water and shook the stuff up reasonably soon afterward, the stuff mixed very easily. However, if I combined the Soylent and water and allowed the stuff to sit five or ten minutes before shaking, much of it would set up like concrete on the bottom and sides of the pitcher and it took a lot longer to get it all slurried up.

My usual method of preparation of both 1.3 and 1.4 differs from the instructions a little, probably because my method leads to some variability. I pour the dry Soylent into the pitcher, add hot water on top of it, stir up any floating islands of Soylent, top it up with more water, and then cap the pitcher and shake. Using this method, the actual volume of water varies a little from batch to batch as the quantity of air trapped in the bottom with the dry Soylent can vary.

I’ve also seen videos, to my absolute horror and disgust, of people mixing up their Soylent with the grungiest looking pitchers imaginable. It seems as though an awful lot of people never ever wash the damn pitcher, which strikes me as a great way to get food poisoning. Get a little bacteria growth going on in a batch, and by never washing the pitcher, you are just adding that bacteria culture to each successive batch afterwards. I don’t understand that mentality at all: I ALWAYS wash the pitcher very thoroughly between batches. In fact, I have several identical pitchers that I bought from Amazon so that I always have a clean, dry pitcher ready to go, even if I have two dirty ones still sitting in the sink.


Yeah, the L* batch does have kindof a dull flour taste… But on the plus side no aftertaste and it does seem to satiate better… Mixed blessing.


I’m a bit OCD when it comes to cleaning my pitchers. I’ll use a toothbrush to get all the nooks and crannies between batches and let them thoroughly dry before making a batch.


Similar situation here: I wipe them inside and out thoroughly with a sponge and detergent, and periodically remove the O-ring and unscrew the lid to reach those crevices.

I would avoid using brushes of any kind, however, as the plastic is fairly soft. Just stirring up the mixture a little with a metal utensil leaves gouges in the plastic.