Has anyone tried "Cream of Wheat" as a carb source?


Has anyone tried “Cream of Wheat” as a carb source?

In pursuit of at least 3 recipes that vary in their carb source, I am wondering if Cream of Wheat might be a valid choice. Thoughts? Experiences?


Are you going to cook it? I don’t think it would be good raw.

Looks like it would have too much iron to be the only carb. It might work if it was a secondary carb source.


I’m not sure. I figured if others already tried, then that would tell me how to handle it. I always thought any type of flour should be cooked before I found out about Soylent, so I was thinking maybe cream of wheat might do okay without cooking too (if it was sat overnight in the fridge mixed). I haven’t checked the nutrients yet, again figuring if anyone said “Yup, we all tried it and it doesn’t work well for Soylent,” then I would waste my time.