Has anyone tried MANA?

I found MANA, the european version of soylent, and I was wondering if anyone has tried it? How does it taste? What about the consistency?


Last I checked they don’t ship to the US, or so they said in an email to me. So I have not tried it, but would be willing to do so when possible.

Oh yeah, the shipping costs would probably be pretty bad… :frowning:

I was curious because I had seen it mentioned on the forums here before, and then I saw it on powderedfoods.com. The price listed in is USD, but I couldn’t find mention that it was or wasn’t available in US. There is also zero reviews for it, so I wasn’t about to be the first to try it unless I knew for a fact they shipped to US.

I know that it’s made in Europe somewhere (Czech Repbulic?) so exports would be pricey, but they could have local manufacturing/selling.

Email response was basically “no, not yet.”

Well on their website, mymana.eu they have the macros and all that, it ships to EU I think, maybe later on the shipping area will expand?

found their fb page, https://www.facebook.com/mojemana.cz, the reviews seem to be positive, some are czech but you can google translate them and see that people like it.

I have tried it! I’ve been lurking and saw this, so I decided to share my experience!

I ordered mana this summer, got it and I’ve been drinking/eating it for about a month and a half. It tastes real good, like oatmeal and vanilla, the taste is nice but subtle and you don’t get bored. I add fresh fruits usually. Sometimes even coffee if I feel like it.

The packaging is nice, the bags are sturdy, the zip doesn’t open. You also get a bottle and a scooping thingie.

All the calories and ingridients are on each bag, it’s convinient. I had to wait a few weeks for my MANA but now the shipping time is shorter.

I already ordered my next box, I’m addicted lol


We expect samples from Jacob (Mana creator).
According to his message they were sent a couple weeks ago.
So if you’re interested in review - pls. check this thread time to time:

Awesome, thanks! I will check it out!

I have been using MANA for about 4 months now. I was one of the beta testers in the beginning, totally fell in love with it and have been using it ever since. I replace my breakfast with MANA and it works out perfect for me, because I usually mix it with some fruit(strawberries, banana, blueberries) and drink it on my way to the gym. It gives me enough energy and great jump start to my day without feeling heavy in my stomach. I don’t like to eat solid food before my workouts, because it gives me stomach ache so mana is perfect for me. Then I usually replace another big meal with it (lunch or dinner) depending on my day plans. It’s usually lunch because I am busy to have healthy lunch, if any (I don’t eat fast food or sandwiches). So I usually have mana on the go.
As Liz said, the taste is very good and it gives you freedom to mix it with whatever you like to make your own flavor. My latest obsession is almond butter…:slight_smile: Mind you that I work out every day so I am not worried about the extra calorie intake:)
I love their whole packaging and their starter kit has all you need(bottle,measuring cup, ziplock bags with mana,oils). I prefer to use blender to mix it with fruits but you don’t need it, because mana blends well with water in the bottle/shaker).
My experience is def positive and I would recommend it :slight_smile:

I am about to recieve my starting mana kit, but I am not sure if it is better to have it as breakfast replacement or as dinner replacement.

Whichever way works for you. You can try it each way and see what makes you happier.