Has Coffiest replaced your morning coffee?

Has Coffiest replaced your morning coffee, or have you just continued to drink your morning coffee along with Coffiest?

Coffiest would be worth the cost if it replaced my morning coffee, but so far it hasn’t - I still drink coffee before I drink Coffiest. Bummer.

Why? …


I wasn’t an every-morning Coffee drinker, but Coffiest easily replaces it, at least when I’m okay drinking something cold. I don’t know the logistics yet of “hot Coffiest”…

I tried to drink Coffiest to replace my morning Coffee, but it doesn’t come close to giving me the satisfaction a 16oz mug of coffee does.

However, today I had Coffiest for lunch and got a nice little boost from that meal :slight_smile:!


it kind of replaces my dinner, so I don’t get sleepy in the evening…

Caffeinating immediately upon awakening is such a long ingrained habit, I don’t see anything disrupting it. I’m not ready for sustenance until I’ve been fully caffeinated for at least an hour, so I’m not feeling like coffiest is practical for me.

I haven’t gotten mine yet, but it won’t replace my morning joe. They are two different things entirely, IMO. I’ll be having Coffiest for my dinner, at work; “lunch break” is at 7:30PM, and I lock up & go home @ 1:15AM. It will be perfect in that role. (currently I just have 2.0 for my dinner)
I can also see myself occasionally doing the same as @naten - having Coffiest in the morning, after (not necessarily right away) my coffee.

Because Coffiest /= coffee any more than Soylent = steak on the barby.


Coffiest has replaced my morning coffee. Up until recently, I was making a double-shot in my bialetti moka pot and mixing it with a third of a bottle of Soylent 2.0 and a little squirt of chocolate syrup every morning, for a sort of Soylent-mocha experience. I ordered Coffiest when it was announced, and since it arrived, I’ve had one bottle each morning. End of story.

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