Has our ship come in?


I know someone asked this in a different thread without receiving an answer so I’ll post it here:

Back on 3/13 Soylent announced that due to more delays with the rice processors, they were flying the first shipment of rice protein in as a stop gap while the rest of the rice took its sweet time coming over via boat. Has anyone heard anything on whether the next shipment (and first via the normal process) has arrived?

Any possibility this has to do with the slow fulfillment thus far?


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oogh, yeah, that’s definitely a thing worth confirming. +1 for any available info being in the next update, if nothing else.


I bet the shipment that was flown in was enough to fulfill all the vegan orders that is why they were shipped first and they are waiting for the “boat” shipment to fullfill the rest of the orders.


ehhh… the last blog post did explicitly state “General Soylent 1.0 orders will begin shipping this week.”

Have they had to re-factor promises in the past? Sure. Have they made poor estimates? Oh yeah. But flat-out lying…? Nah, I can’t say I expect that from these guys.

Now, ending up with not enough material readily on hand for all the orders? …yeah, I could see that. And until we hear back on the boat, it could be potentially the case that the team is working on shipping out general orders, while nervously watching their protein supplies dwindle and hoping the main shipment arrives soon enough to avoid a stumble. =/

Here’s hoping all’s well in SoylentLand…


The first sea-freighted container of rice protein arrived at customs a few weeks ago, and the next container should be arriving shortly. It generally takes around 2 weeks to clear customs, and another few days to be trucked to the factory.

Soylent Shipping Update via email 05/10

So, it sounds like the sea freight could be a bottleneck at worst, but it’s not a showstopper. Big picture, sounds like good news :smiley:


Hopefully the BRP production is now up and running well, considering in the recent New Yorker article they said that they are currently receiving new orders at a rate of about 1,000 weeks ordered per week. I have high hopes that reorders will go smoothly, but I am anxious.

During the next two months, Soylent plans to ship its product to all of its twenty-five thousand initial backers. The company has ten thousand dollars in new orders coming in every day, and has started to become profitable.


Wow, if you go to the first page of that article, it says it was published on May 12th, 2014. Maybe the $10K/day of orders only happens a week in the future?


Rhinehart noted, when he first posted the Soylent formula online: he overestimated the amount of sulfur. For weeks, he and his acolytes emitted clouds of sulfurous gas. “I cleared out a jazz theatre once,” he recalled, nostalgically.

That’s funny. (funky?)

I still don’t understand why they stopped shipping starter kits. They don’t have any BRP in them and you would think that if there was a bottleneck from the BRP they would use the time to get all the starter kits out.

I have to wonder though, if they are currently receiving 1000weeks/week of new orders how long are those new customers going to have to wait before they receive them? (six months?)