Has Pronutria released anything?


They’re idea seems to be pretty good, everyone seems to point to them and say “look, this is brilliant” but have they released anything yet?


I believe the answer is no.


Googling it produced returns very short on facts indeed. Rui, do you happen to have a link with some solid info about , as opposed to all the gee-whiz hype about feeding the world from a farm the size of Connecticut or even Rhode Island?


It does sound WAY too good to be true, from what little I’ve read. I’d be interested to see if there is any actual scientific data on what they’re claiming to be doing.


“Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Pronutria aims to meet the world’s growth health and nutritional needs by producing health-optimized nutrients without any requirement for cultivable land or abundant fresh water. According to United Nations estimate, nearly one billion people are undernourished worldwide and another billion people are battling the modern epidemic of obesity. Pronutria was founded by a team of Noubar Afeyan, David Berry, and Geoffrey von Maltzahn at VentureLabs, the Flagship Innovation Foundry, and is pioneering a breakthrough technique that combines protein science with sustainable, low-cost production systems. The company offers the first ability to produce nutrients that address the world’s greatest health challenges in virtually any location using simple inputs of sunlight, CO2, and water. Pronutria was founded in 2009 and is funded by Flagship Ventures.”

Call Flagship Ventures.
Doesn’t sound too good to be true to me, but unlikely.

Here’s a little from the employees, so they’re clearly active:

Also the CEOs name is “David Berry”.

Looks like they’re going under and I quote “all smoke and mirrors.”

“Upper management does not have a clue. There is no consistent vision or clear direction. Very little money is spent for fundamental research which may demonstrate that their proposed product is feasible. All smoke and mirrors”

“The company culture is by far the worst you will ever encounter. Management as no idea how to correct this and never will try. The culture fosters a “me first” mentality, and working as an individual rather then as a team is praised. Whomever wrote the previous review is most likely a manager looking to attract victims to the company. A very disorganized company that is on the path to going out of business, which isn’t far off. Projects keep getting started then stopped to work on something else creating a lot of confusion. Morale at the company can’t get any worse so expect disillusioned, snobby, backstabbing people.”

I have the feeling they never will.


Agreed; sounds not good. When I saw their website, consisting of a splash screen with zilch info and nothing else, I figured something on the order of what you quoted – “smoke and mirrors.” Too bad.


Sorry but nada on my part.


No and they won’t answer my emails. Also it looks like David Berry has moved on to another venture. However, the field of synthetic biology is progressing well in the area of increasing the yields of synthetic biosynthesis pathways. I’m optimistic.


I hope that somebody else picks up the ball on this; I’d like to see it happen.


Seen a similar (I’d even say much more thoroughly developed) setup at an agricultural convention, and their device did not go into production due to the evolution of the algae. Algae that behaves, and grows nutrients fast, and is easily purged from the panels is selected against, because it gets eaten. What remains is algae that clings to even the smoothest surfaces, and does not grow mass effectively at all, so that the big bad humans don’t come along and harvest.


This is very interesting.