Has Soylent always been this low on fiber?

Until 1.4 I mixed in psyllium, so I hadn’t paid much attention, but I was surprised to see that a whole pouch is <50% RDA of dietary fiber. I’m one of those who can only stand 1.4 when it’s diluted, so there’s no way that I’m going to thicken that with psyllium.

I’ve read some threads where people are questioning whether fiber is important with a non-solid diet, but my family has a history of colon cancer and I’d prefer to definitely err on the side of caution (and consistent :poop:).

What are other people on high-Soylent-percentage diets doing for fiber?

There are at least five threads on fiber. I suggest moving this to Reduced fiber in v1.5.

Try some xanthan gum. It’s more gell-y than psyllium.