Has soylent been sold or something

I have looked at doing Soylent way back. But never took the plunge.

The prices are down.
And they now have bottles. (Not sure when that started.)

Has soylent been sold or something? To a real company?

I am looking at other options.
Reading some posts, people say that some have the smell of fish. Their burps taste of fish. Etc…
Both make me want to upchuck, just thinking about that.

Any recommendations on other soylent replacementsI can buy that are non-fishy?


Soylent has always been owned by a real company (Rosa Labs).


I cannot stand anything that smells or tastes “fishy.” If somebody sitting next to me is eating a smelly fish (cod, mackerel, haddock, etc.), it ruins my appetite to the point that I can’t eat my own meal. So I am very sensitive to “fishy,” but I have never had any problem with Soylent. It has no fishy odor or flavor that I can detect.

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The company got $20 million in investments recently, that certainly helped them expand and buy new equipment, which in turn let them lower their price and make a bottles (which start in october), but it’s still the same company and same guys who run it, with the same goals.

They used to use fish oil, back in 1.0. Now they use sunflower oil instead. Also, there are several soylent-like competitors, they may use fishoil. Personally i would take the fish, but soylent as a whole is very bland. Easy to add flavors to.


You have piicked random messages and gotten random results. I have not seen recent messages complaining of a fishy taste, and if there was a fishy taste I probably wouldn’t like it.

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The fish oil was replaced with algal oil.


Soylent 1.5 doesn’t taste of fish at all! It’s like a tasty vitamin fortified oatmeal.

1.5 has algal, sunflower, safflower, and canola oils I think. 2.0 uses canola and more algal oils.

edit: thanks vezalhoff

1.5 does not contain safflower oil.

You may want to limit your reading of posts to those from the last 12 months or so.

Yes: Soylent.


Thanks for all the feedback.
Interesting that they got 20 million in investments.
I might just order some 2.0. Forget about it. Then when it comes, it will be a surprise.

You can see their new factory in action in the 2.0 video.

Are they not still using a copacker?

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They’re still using a copacker. It’s not their new factory, it’s just a factory that they’ve newly contracted their Soylent 2.0 production to.


Sorry to disappoint you, but Rosa Labs has also been shipping both the powdered and now the liquid form in <48 hour turnaround times even for brand new customers and orders :smiley:

A lot has changed…


Maybe Magnus has memory issues, so two days might be too much to remember… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hopefully Soylent helps with that.

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To be fair, it wasn’t that long ago that I cancelled my order because the estimated ship date was more than 6 months out from the order date, so I can see where he would have gotten that sort of idea. Of course, now that lead times are in days instead of months, I’m back and ordering heavily, so we can all change.