Has Soylent given anybody else a bad chest cough?


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When do you have Soylent?

I noticed that if I have Soylent late at night (before sleeping), I end up with coughing a lot.

Would be curious to hear any reasons as to why. It has happened to me three times now. Too many to be a chance.


I also have a nagging cough, and darned if I didn’t just make a full pitcher of DIY with 20g of cocoa powder right before reading this. Oh well, time to try my Orange-flavored recipe.


Here’s my new recipe that uses 25g carob powder + 3g raw cacao powder… it’s pretty good!


Had the same issue. Developed a really bad cough right after starting Soylent. Thought it was a coincidence. After a couple weeks and some research, I realized it was probably the oats causing acid reflux. Stopped drinking Soylent and took Prevacid for 2 weeks. Cough is finally gone. Question is, what should I do going forward? Really want to continue with Soylent, so do I take Prevacid daily? Would prefer not to be on Prevacid for the rest of my life.


I’ve been off Soylent for a week and I have a terrible chest cold. But that’s because some of the people I was around brought the cold with them and it got passed around (though I thought I was washing my hands sufficiently!).



You need to wash their hands…


No. But I cough out of my mouth, not my chest. You people are weird.