Has the first bottle of oil shipped?


Along with several on the forum, I continue to be concerned about what precipitated the last minute switch to vegan-first fulfillment. I’m not anti-vegan by any means, just worried it means there has been some issue with the oil.

So has anyone received a non-vegan shipment yet? @JulioMiles , have you guys shipped the first bottle of oil?


If there is an issue they have to mentioned it. And I believe vegan is shipping first


Have to? no, they can choose to, they should, but they aren’t required to tell us anything…


My suspicion is that they are doing vegan first because there are fewer vegan orders and it will allow them to simplify the fulfillment process so they can catch up faster with fewer mistakes. Also oil has a shelf life, so they will probably want to ship the oil as fast as they can once it arrives.


I think it’s hard to estimate how long something like pick and pack is going to take until you’ve actually been doing it for a few days. So any estimates they could give would probably be off.


well actually, that’s exactly what they said. http://tirania.org/blog/archive/2011/Feb-17.html


That would only make sense if it were reversed. By shipping the smaller group first, they’ve assured themselves of having to deal with reorders during virtually the entire fulfillment process. This was something they purportedly wanted to avoid, which is IMHO the best evidence that there was an issue with non-vegan fulfillment.


It was a spell check failure. It was supposed to say “haven’t”. And I see absolutely no reason why they wouldn’t.


I would assume they are shipping Vegan large orders first, followed by non vegan large orders second followed by the smaller orders vegan and non-vegan to avoid the reorder problem.


“Well, actually” they said they were structuring the fulfillment process so that they could keep reorders to a minimum while they process the initial round of orders. By filling the smaller batch first, (including small orders with earlier or even immediate reorder needs) they’ve made sure they’ll be handling reorders right out of the gate. So no, they’ve not explained the reason for the change beyond “logistical considerations” which could mean anything. I’m just not sure what would cause them to start with vegan orders and incur all the problems mentioned above except some issue with the oil.


At least one person has received Soylent with oil. She is a beta tester.


Julio said in the update thread its all vegan orders then the first standard order.


really wishing i changed mine to vegan… *sigh I have no patience.


sorry, my misunderstanding :smile:
I agree, the only reason I could see to keep us in the dark is because they either A) don’t know or B) due to bad news, don’t want to tell us yet.


Haven’t received mine yet. I visited Soylent headquarters and got to enjoy the 1.0. Yes I have a connection to the team. Mom of a cofounder.


Ok folks, even the mom of one of the cofounders hasn’t received her Soylent before the vegan orders. People really need to stop complaining.


Or else “Abandon all hope ye who enter here”.


A truly original backer!


people are complaining that delays keep happening over and over.

someone’s mom not getting special treatment is irrelevant


So are people complaining about the delays imo. Delays happen, its the nature of the beast. I even posted an actual study. The more money a project makes the longer it will be delayed.