Has there been a best tasting post?

I am wondering which variant of soylent is the best tasting?

Not DIY. But buy off the shelf.

I bought the Space Nutrients Station 2000 CAL Chocolate. Not good.
Anyone have suggestions on a better choice?


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Hasn’t been such a post, because taste is so subjective.

All things being equal, Joylent is probably “best” tasting, since it contains the most sugar.


Even that could be subjective. Although I have a sweet tooth and love desserts, I don’t much like sweet beverages, so I might not like Joylent (I haven’t tried it).

Back to the original, it’s especially hard because when you have the same flavor a lot, you can either get sick of it or acquire a taste for it, so just trying a bunch of soylents won’t really tell you which is best for long term use. I know that I was OK with Soylent at first, but grew to like it even more over time, and I’ve seen posts from people who had the opposite happen.

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I think Soylent 2.0 is very popular.

It seems Twenny bars and 2.0 are very popular for this. Aussielent came out with their own ready-to-drink product which reviews well.

Of course. That is the point of my post.

I’ve had Soylent 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 2.0. 100%FOOD - few different variants. Schmoylent. My favorite taste is Soylent 2.0. I would say that I tend to have issue with texture more than flavor in general. I really hated 100%FOOD because it had the seeds, and probably 2.0 is my favorite taste because it’s just soooo smooth.

Got some Twenny bars and Hol Food on order.

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No one has flavored their posts yet, so if you add a little cinnamon to this one, you win by default!


I’ve often heard people say Schmilk is the best tasting one they’ve tried. That’s probably because it tastes like cereal, since that’s basically what it is - powdered cereal with fiber and micronutrients that you add milk to. No weird protein powder flavor. :wink:

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