Have not heard from the Soylent team in over 30 days. Please help


I just want to state how disappointed I am with the entire Soylent team, especially @JulioMiles . For over a month I have tried to contact him, as I am now longer able to receive shipments from the address I originally used and yet he will not respond

I understand the whole team is busy, but this is truly unacceptable. I hope somehow, Julio Miles or rob will see this and actually respond, or better yet update my address. I have been fair and reasonable with Soylent to date, but I’m over it now. Three days ago I sent my last e-mail and stated I would post here and also file a complaint with the BBB. I will hold off on my complaint until Friday, but I am not pleased.

My move has been an incredibly frustrating experience and this has not helped matters.

From: XXX
     To: info@soylent.me
     Subject: I have now moved. Need address changed. URGENT
     Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2014 08:33:57


Please update my address. I no longer have access to this address.

If I do not hear from you in three days, I am going to attempt to file a complaint with the BBB and also cross post this issue on Soylent Discourse.

This is completely unacceptable and has really upset me. I hope the product (I may receive) is infinitely better than the lack of support you have shown me.

From: XXX
     To: info@soylent.me
     Subject: URGENT PLEASE RESPOND RE: My apartment is making me move. Worried about soylent ship time
     Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2014 17:54:27

I move on Friday. I have been patient.

Please update my address to the following:

From: XXX
     To: info@soylent.me
     Subject: Re: My apartment is making me move. Worried about soylent ship time
     Date: Wed, 28 May 2014 19:51:54

I move in 9 days. I know you guys are busy, but I need to know what I should do here.

I’ve been patient and waited over 10 days for a response.

From: XXX
     To: info@soylent.me
     Subject: Re: My apartment is making me move. Worried about soylent ship time
     Date: Sat, 17 May 2014 20:28:25

My move out date is now June 6th. Given the most recent blog post, there is absolutely no way you will make this date.

Please change my address to the following:


Once this has changed, I will sign up for the subscription so I can continue to receive your product.

From: info@soylent.me
     To: XXX
     Subject: Re: My apartment is making me move. Worried about soylent ship time
     Date: Wed, 7 May 2014 18:11:45

Julio Miles (Soylent)

Hello xxx,

If you haven’t received a shipping notification email by mid-June, please contact us and we’ll get your shipping address updated. Thanks for your support!


From: XXX
     To: info@soylent.me
     Subject: My apartment is making me move. Worried about soylent ship time
     Date: Mon, 5 May 2014 19:18:35

I have just been told that I must leave my apartment by the end of June. I ordered a one month non-vegan kit. Given the delays and the lack of a backer kit shipping, I am beginning to worry.

Is there any way I can at least change my shipping address to my parents? They live somewhat close and this address will not change.

Maybe it will ship soon?

Please help,


And since I can’t have multiple people tagged (as I am new), I am tagging @rob separately.


All you have to do is change your address in the backerkit…


Not after the backer cutoff date.


I would also include @MattCauble, he’s on here sometimes as well. Hopefully they get back to you today, let us know.


Forwarding/change of address with the post office?

Of course if everything is being shipped via FedEx/UPS/other, that won’t work…


For new companies there are learning mistakes and there are stupid mistakes and this one falls squarely in the second camp. Come on guys, get this fellow some customer service…

Edit: …Resolved nicely though. Hopefully the new CRM system means we won’t see more of these.


Hi @soylenter, I just updated your address per your requests, very sorry for the delay.


Thank you @JulioMiles. Maybe I should have posted here earlier!

I don’t see the change on backerkit. Is this expected?


I’ve got to wonder why it is that their email channel has such a bottleneck. Is there that much higher volume of emails than posts here on the forum?


@soylenter compared to some others who have posted here, thanks for being not so negative. Rosa Labs is a startup who does not specialize in logistics, some issues are to be expected. I invested in this company over a year ago and I am grateful to see them inch closer to their goals even if it means my Soylent arrives later than I had hoped.

Thanks for not being a jerk: we are all part of this community and while I may not own stock in the company, I support them and want them to succeed or fail of their own merit, not that of trolls :wink:


The CEO says he makes 10k+ a day and yet they can’t hire proper support.

You can setup your own call center at 3rd party call centers like Teleperformance, Convergys, Focus services etc.

Or you could just hire people from home to do e-mails or respond on the forums.


Rob said he makes $10k per day? Is this from the interview last night? I didn’t see it yet. I assume it means they are getting $10k of orders per day, and not that they or he personally is making $10k per day in profit.


As of may he has had over $10,000 dollars in new orders every day!

So that’s about 40 orders a day if each person gets the subscription.

You can assume it’s maybe 2x or 3x that by now with all the advertising and referrals.

I asked before for a counter of Soylent sold so we could know how big of a impact this is and unfortunately no one takes and responds to feedback.


Yeah, I updated your address in our shipping software, which is separate from Backerkit. Thanks again!

Order of magnitude higher, if not several.

Realtime sales data is inappropriate to share on a public forum:


@Snowman I’ve been reading DS for a while now and have refrained from complaining about anything at all. It served no purpose and didn’t add any real benefit (tangible or otherwise) to the community.

With that said though, this was my last ditch effort to get in contact with someone and I’m really happy it worked out. All I care about is getting my Soylent.

@everyone else. I really think I’m an edge case and it just got lost in the craziness. I doubt very many backers have moved.


prob need to close this thread now that the problem has been addressed…


I have emailed soylent multiple times requesting a refund and I have not heard back from them or received my refund. I am very frustrated with the customer service.


Refunded! You should have gotten an email confirming the refund just now.