Have the ability to "customize" your intake w/o f-cking up everything?



I wrote in another thread that I’m small, and that my intake should not be over 1500/1600 (I don’t exercise much) and what I would love is if it was possible for me to customize every portion of my Soylent so that I get the right amount of calories without messing up anything…

Also, then I could order the male month and get more Soylent but probably keep it for longer. Seems a bit unfair that I’d have to pay the same amount for less…


Don’t think of getting fewer calories as getting less Soylent. Ideally you consume the whole batch in a day no matter what formula you get.

Basically what you’re saying is that you want more than a days worth Soylent in a daily pouch so you can make a single pouch last longer?


Oh, right… I thought the female formula was simple less calories = less “powder”? But the price was the same? I might have gotten that completely wrong then, sorry about that.

What I meant was that if I buy the male version of a month, then that could last me a month and a half because I need less calories, if I use less powder… But I’m concerned that might mess everything up though.


Pretty sure this is correct and that currently the formulae are the same, women just get less.


So why would any reasonable woman buy the female version…?


Beats me.

I think in earlier versions of (official) Soylent there were separate blends for men and women, but they realised it wasn’t really very necessary so unified them to make stock control simpler. I’d certainly be getting the male one if I were a woman. Even if they were different I would consider getting the male one, if it was cheaper per calorie.


If you get the male one and take less than the daily amount you don’t get all of the micros even if you meet the calorie intake for the day you wanted.

If you take the female one as whole then you get all the macros and micros.

It’s better to take the whole pouch either route you go.

I’m a guy and I might get the 1800 calorie because I sit at a desk 8 hours of a day and then some. I don’t think I’ll get shorted if I get the 1800 calorie version I’m simply choosing the formula fitted closer to my lifestyle.


The calories are the cheapest part of Soylent. Even if you get less calories, you still need the same amount of micronutritions (Vitamins, Minerals, etc.). Eating Soylent 1800 should be cheaper (and by far more convinient) than eating less 2200 Soylent and supplementing it with multiple different pills.

However, the body is resilient, a little less micros less won’t kill you, in your case I would just eat a little less from the 1800 formula, if you eat 1600 calories you have around 11% less, that should still be pretty healthy. (Cosider that most people lack a lot more than just 11% on some nutritions, and take much more than 100% on others)

For people with higher required calorie intake than 2200 I would just eat/dring something in addition, a bun, a milk shake, a slice of bread or whatever.


Right, so that’s what I thought - I can’t just simply customize it (drinking less) without loosing some key micronutritions…

I think people who eat less should pay less. There are few advantages us tiny people have, but the fact that we don’t have to spend as much on food as everyone else I’d love to keep even if I go Soylent (which I’d loooove to do).

Oh well. We’ll see what happens. Maybe they’ll have more options in the future?


I am a male on a 1800 diet, so I’m in a similar situation. It will be easier to decide which way to go once they release the actual ingredient breakdown.

They said that they will eventually figure out a different price point, and maybe add an extra option or two other than 1800 and 2200; they just won’t be doing it in time for the first wave. But they also said they’d be giving us that ingredient breakdown this week, so… we probably will continue to not know what they’re going to do until they do it.


I could be wrong. But if I remember correctly some of the nutrients/vitamins have different quantities in the Male as opposed to the female version.


They changed that in the last couple of blog posts.


Reviving this as the formula has now been published and I’d like to know if it’s possible to customize the carbs to fit smaller people, without getting too much out of something?

Or is it already mixed when you get the packages and you’ll simply drink less?


It is already mixed, so you will drink less. This means you may not get “100%” of the nutrients, but your body is so versatile anyway that it won’t matter.


Right. I read in the blogpost:

" From our beta program we observed that virtually none of our testers consumed more than 2000 calories of Soylent daily, and we will be including a measuring scoop to facilitate preparation of smaller batches for individuals who have lower caloric requirements or simply prefer to prepare their meals individually. We look forward to offering a wide range of customized formulas for our customers, but have also realized that keeping this initial manufacturing run as simple as possible is essential to getting everyone’s preorders shipped quickly."

So this means that you can drink less, right? If I’d purchase a month batch, would it be possible for me to drink less and therefore ‘save’ some powder or will it go bad?

Thanks (and I know, stupid questions)


You mix it up daily, so it shouldn’t go bad. It will store in the fridge for up to 3 days, from what I’ve heard. Disclaimer: I am not a Soylent beta tester.
EDIT: The final, mixed product is good for 3 days. The unopened powder pouches will be good for over 6 months, from what I remember reading.


Thanks though =) Exciting times, can’t wait for it to ship!