Have there been any studies done on soylent?

I’ve been looking into soylent, and have been trying to do some research into the health of consumers after use, but I haven’t been able to find any.

The closest I’ve found is a study on mice that looked into the effects of not chewing, but that doesn’t seem relevant to nutritional health.

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I can’t speak as far as “studies” are concerned. But there are plenty of members here who have been using Soylent/soylent in varying quantities for fairly long spans. Many members have offered up daily or weekly logs of their experiences and some are quite detailed. I know it’s not quite what you are hoping for, but it’s something.

Edit: check the “Experiences” category, most can be found in there I believe

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Soylent is a bit too new for rigorous peer reviewed studies (we’re cutting edge!). But you can get a pretty good idea from the experience logs. I’ve been on it nearly 4 months and regularly update my slog. I actually have an update scheduled for this Tuesday.


Just Google Soylent reviews and there are plenty of people who have done 1-2 months of straight Solvent. Also check here for stories and experiences.

As far as post health, some people have done before and after blood work and stuff and it seems people have gotten healthier on it.