Have yet to receive shipment



I ordered the 28bags per month subscription on the 8th of December. I was charged for the order that same day. I have yet to receive my order. This is the second order of Soylent I have placed, and I did use the same email for the 28bags order.

I have sent multiple emails regarding this and have so far only received 1 automated response.



If your first order was December 28, then you still have many weeks to go. Current delivery delay seems to be 20+ weeks. So you should expect yours sometime in May or June.


No, I purchased the 7 bags package earlier last year. December 8th I re-ordered with the 28bag package at $255 a month.


I’m in exactly the same boat!!!
Dear @Soylent

I understand that you’re probably too short staffed to issue a refund, it does seem like you’d make an effort to provide customer service.

We are considering canceling our subscription in an attempt to end the double charges. We would switch to buying one month’s worth at a time. We love your product, but hate your inadequate service.

I fear you’ll go out of business if the customer service does not improve. Then I’d be forced to become a body-hacker & the whole idea is about simplicity. Making my own powder sounds like a nightmare. That thought makes me want to start hoarding it. As Captain Holt stated on Brooklyn 99, “If it were feasible, my diet would consist entirely of flavorless beige smoothies containing all the nutrients required by the human animal,”

  1. You are charging us before our orders are shipped.
  2. You are double charging us & we’re not receiving any additional product to make up for your mistake.
  3. You very rarely respond to our emails. When you do promise to rectify your mistake, nothing changes.

Please respond to some of the issues on this thread just so we know you are real humans.


The charging of orders before shipping is ridiculous imo. If you are backed up on orders and it’s going to be several weeks or even months before it ships out, I would like that money in my bank account making interest, not yours…


True that. We’d like to change our subscription, but we know there is no one @Soylent who could help us with that. I’m convinced that robots make the powder & ship the product.


I think robots would be more reliable than what we’ve been seeing.


If I don’t get a reply today that resolves this issue, I am calling my credit card company.



LOL. You didn’t get your Soylent fast enough? Join the club! Everybody has had to wait for their Soylent- I was an original backer and it took over a year and half to get my first batch!

Long wait times are a known issue and it won’t get better any time soon. Don’t cancel your order. Don’t send a bunch of emails. It will do no good. You will NOT be getting your 1st shipment in a timely matter. Period. There’s nothing you or anyone else can do about long shipping times. Rosa Labs is a startup. Scaling is hard. That’s the nature of the Beast. But Rosa Labs HAS shipped to many customers, so we know it’s not a scam.

However, if you are being charged repeatedly without receiving your Soylent, that’s an entirely different situation.

Practice a little patience. No one said we would change the world overnight.


This is not my first shipment. Soylents website clearly states re-orders go out in 2-4 weeks.


@dwausa Your subscription will begin shipping in 5-7 business days. Expect the tracking email in that timeframe. Thanks for letting us know about it and our apologies for the inconvenient mixup.

@cohencoy Please send us a PM with your order info – we’d be happy to help with your subscription account.

We realize that delays in service is far from ideal and are actively working to improve. Finding the right people to help with these efforts takes time – incidentally, if any of you are located in the Los Angeles area and interested in helping --> http://plk.tn/1sEsH1H. We definitely appreciate your feedback and patience while we work towards improving our service.


Thank you for the response. Can’t wait :smile:


I’m in the same situation. Ordered a re-fill dec 15. Existing customer, month has gone by, nothing, no response to inquiries, etc. What’s going on?


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