Have you developed a protocol for customers to track their results?


Some reviewers had regular blood work done and reported results when using Soylent as a sole source of nutrition.

Rob reports that he even tested his mental state as he adjusted the formula in the pre-crowdsource days. May we know the identity of such tests if we wish to track our own results?

You guys are all male and in the prime of your lives.  Rob mentioned that a formula which satisfied boys left girls craving something. The FAQ says there’s separate formulations for men/women. People are so complex… I suspect that optimum nutrition for each of us is going to be a slightly different to wildly different.  We come in at least two genders, a wide variety of height & BMI points various ‘disease’ states, fitness levels and… Defining a ‘typical’ individual" gets tricky. Yet everyone needs to eat every day.

Perhaps this is an opportunity to crowdsource then publish a protocol for self-testing, supplementing and adjustment; just as Rob did during his early research.

A website where customers can journal their results and compare with others might also be a very cool thing. Such a site could aggregate the raw data and let people sort and sift for compiled results that matter to them personally. Your lawyers will probably nix Rosa Labs hosting such a site; but they may not object to Rosa advertising there if “someone else” does it. It will not be pure science but it won’t be completely anecdotal either. Call it crowd-sourced practical application data or something.

Placed my order in March.  Eagerly waiting for delivery.


Well, I’m a female with severe anxiety and depression, age 18. I’m planning on creating DIY Soylent in a week or so waiting for international release, and I think that it would be good for me and for the statistical data for everyone, especially those suffering from mental illness, to document our experience with soylent.


I think I’m probably sort of near Rob’s general size and shape, so here’s hoping that translates to a pretty effective as-is mix. In any case, I’d likely be up for some results-logging, if tests/logging are reasonably available.

And here’s hoping the DIY helps out, @JadelyJade - less depression/anxiety is certainly a good thing to hope for. Let us know how you’re doing once you’ve got going! :smiley:


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