Have you tried barley wheat


In Nepal villagers live on powdered barley wheat during the winter. Nothing else.


Gotta love blanket statements covering a population of some ~12 million villagers. Some ~14+ million of the rest of Nepal reside in fairly substantive towns and cities. Nepalese rustic cuisine is actually pretty nuanced. They use lots of rice, veggies, and barley as well. Water buffalo meat (beef pretty much) and pork are also common. Himalayan cuisine uses lots of vegetables and yak butter (yak butter and salt in tea, mmm. delicious.)

Along with sheep, which are raised for their wool, there’s also yak, chicken, and pork with all their various nutritional delights. To put it mildly, the previous post is just a tad silly.


Sorry but there are landlocked areas in the winter where all they eat is barley flour. Nothing else.


Sorry, you’ve fallen for an old wives tale.


Besides the wive’s tale, barley contains gluten, which many people are allergic to.