Haven't gotten my Soylent stickers, hat or shirt yet

And my Soylent umbrella still isn’t here , nor is my usb stick/thumb drive…


@Soylent will help you with that.

The Soylent Tesla is great though.


I heard the new Tesla has some cool new features. It’s got some funky hands free driving similar to the Google driverless cars and has a chilled compartment for 2 pitchers of soylent, a clip for holding the scoop, a reservoir of water to fill the pitchers and a special dispenser…It’s a 2500 line item on the build sheet…


Jokes aside - I’m confused. Have they been doing this annual gift thing since the beginning? I’ve been buying since the kickstarter and just got my first gift today - a black hat with black stitching that says “Soylent”. Because it’s black on black you can’t really tell it says anything at all unless you look really closely. I assumed the gift campaign was just a way to unload some mistake-merch. If not, then I’m guessing the annual-ness is based on subscriptions only (I’ve started and stopped multiple subscriptions, at first due to the initial limited functionality of the site, and later to match my supply needs ).

There is no annual gift based on messages written years ago, like those you read. I got a bunch of gifts this year, as gifts of apology when RF screwed up slighly. But i didn’t get any gifts in the other years I have been a customer.

I got an email recently stating:

Six months ago, you came to us looking for quick and convenient total nutrition. And now look at you. Efficient. Dynamic. Great looking (we’re assuming). This calls for some Soylent Swag.

Just click on the link below to claim your gift while supplies last. Keep enjoying Soylent!

When I replied that I’ve been a customer much longer than six months, they replied:

Please accept our sincere apology for the confusion about the details attached in your email to claim your gift. We have looked into your account and check that it is an annual gift.


My annual non-annual subliminal Soylent gift. Would have preferred the Tesla but hey free hat.

It may be that there is an annual gift for an original investor. Not for the rest of us.

Nope. The email thought I was only a customer/subscriber for six months. I don’t think there’s any record of me being a kickstarter on this since they completely changed platforms since the early days.

To the extent that their written messages make sense, the sentence " We have looked into your account and check that it is an annual gift" says that they had to look into your account to determine that you were entitled to an annual gift. If we were all entitled to an annual gift, why would they have had to look into your account at all? I can’t think of any reason that you would get an annual gift except for being an early customer. Again, if we all got annual gifts, why would they have to look up anything?