Headaches after drinking Soylent 2.0

Whenever my S/O drinks Soylent, she consistently gets a headache about half an hour later. The headache generally persists throughout the whole day.

We do not suspect it to be a dehydration issue, the issue only happens when drinking Soylent. She is not prone to headaches unless drinking Soylent.

We think that there’s an ingredient in Soylent causing this, but we’re not sure what it is. She reacted in a similar way to 1.5 as well.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to approach this issue?

If her normal diet isn’t extremely low sodium, my assumption is that it’s the high potassium/low sodium in Soylent causing the headaches. I get headaches if I switch from a mostly-Soylent diet (low sodium, high potassium) to my “normal” diet (high sodium, low potassium), or vice versa. Pizza is the worst. I can avoid Soylent-related headaches by adding table salt to my Soylent, or just eating something salty with my Soylent. Eventually my body seems to adjust and the headaches go away without any added salt.


Personally I hope that the Soylent team address this… I am personally one of those people who got headaches when drinking Soylent too, (I don’t drink Soylent on a regular basis because i’m from Europe) I experienced headaches after drinking Soylent in version 1.0 and 1.4.

I wish they would take a handful the people who actually experience these headaches and work with them to figure out the exact reason (what ingredient or amount thereof that causes the problem)

Could low blood sugar occur after drinking Soylent, at least in someone who is transitioning from a diet that’s too high in carbs? Could that cause the headaches?

I’ve been tempted to buy a blood-sugar tester to answer these questions myself…

@Raylingh, I too had a consistent low-grade headache for about three days when I started Soylent (v1.4, in my case). Like many others have reported, they eventually disappeared. It was my body adjusting to nutrients (most likely additional potassium) that were not present in my previous diet. After adjusting, no more headaches.

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