Headaches After Drinking Soylent


Got a headache/ upper neck ache twice out of three times drinking 1.4. Anyone else experiencing this?
It’s kind of creeping me out that I could be drinking something really bad for me.
And yes… I was very hydrated at the time. It wasn’t due to dehydration.


People in the past have speculated they were getting more potassium than with their previous diets, or an allergy to sucrose (or another ingredient). One person was actually suffering caffeine withdrawal, as he gave up coffee at the same time as starting Soylent. Not a lot of consensus, since you know you are not dehydrated.

What I did gather, after reading five different “headaches” threads, was that most people’s headaches diminish inside a week. I take from that that headaches are a way some people adjust to altering their diet somewhat drastically.


I had headaches for the first two days on Soylent, but they went away after that.

Like Ric said, lack of caffeine, increase in potassium, or various small allergies might be the cause. Also, a decrease in sodium from a sodium heavy diet was postulated with earlier versions, but since 1.4 has increased the sodium, I do not know if this is as prevalent theory or not.

Just stick with it and you should be fine. Just takes an adjustment period for some people I think. One thing you can do is switch over gradually (one meal a day to start) instead of all at once.


I didn’t get headaches with soylent but i did at first when i stayed taking an iron supliment a few months ago. It only lasted a couple hours and never returned.


What they said + make sure you’re drinking at least 2 liters of water separately from your soylent.


In addition to what ric and others said, easing or rushing into it can also cause problems. Infact soylent itself comes with notes asking people to ease into rather than rushing into it. So How many meals of soylent did you consume from the beginning? The more details people give, the easier it will be for others to help them.


Hello, I too got the same kind of headache for 1-2 days. It could be a number of the vitamins or minerals that are the cause…
But the main thing is that it is because of the change, not because it is bad for you, (it is a very annoying/bad headache though, and I got it myself from just a single meal, so you can’t ease into it…

I am guessing it could be similar to a niacin flush.

Do note not everyone gets the headache for starting on Soylent, it may in fact be a very low number of people… I am from europe, and tried Queal and Joylent recently, I had not had any Soylent for about 8 months, and the first day of Queal I got the exact same headache. But felt completely fine the following day


Maybe there should be an official recommendation to take tylenol (asprin, ibuprofen, naproxen, whatever) with the first two or three meals.


No, there shouldn’t :slight_smile: The fact that not everyone gets them is one reason not recommend that. It would be better to simply state that such a thing could occur.


Definitely drinking enough water. Only replaced a SNACK with it lol, not even a meal. And I keep getting weird upper neck pain which leads into a headache immediately after I drink it. Like in the span of 5 minutes. I ate very well before this, got lots of vitamins/minerals and lots of variation in my diet. So I’m really confused.
I also don’t have a bad batch because my bf drinks it and he’s fine.
It freaks me out that my body is basically saying “don’t keep drinking this” while everyone else is saying it’s fine and just my body “adjusting.” Is no one else paranoid that since the ingredients aren’t 100% sourced from the US and checked etc. that there isn’t some really dangerous chemical accidentally mixed in or something?
I’m honestly imagining the worst like they spray bug poison in the factory and it got into the mixture. (Yes, I’m being paranoid, but is there any reason not to be?)
Soylent reps: care to comment???


Unless you are allergic to something in the mix (which is possible), I definitely think you are being paranoid about the bug spray and dangerous chemicals being mixed in.
You can go to an allergist and he/she can test and diagnose you for allergies.

Tagging you just since gigisand called for someone from Soylent to comment.


Hello @gigisand

I talked to our dev team and this happens normally because people are not drinking enough water / adjusting to a liquid diet. If you have increased your water consumption and these problems are persisting please contact your doctor.

I hope you feel better.


I’m playing devil’s advocate over here. It is definitely something in Soylent giving people headaches. It’s not adjusting to a liquid diet because I’ve done that before with a day long juice cleanse. I only had Soylent as a 200 calorie snack a few times now and got severe neck pains that led to a headache. I might have an allergy but I’d be surprised if that manifested as neck pains. Hopefully you guys will do some further testing on the subject, as it seems I’m one of many getting headaches from it.


Just for clarification, when I said I had headaches, it was only during the adjustment period. (1-2 days)
That is what I have seen for just about everyone else who has posted anything about it.

If you are having a different reaction, you definitely want to talk to your doctor about it. There might be other physical issues at play for you.


Definitely will do. I’m just wondering why there are no headaches like these associated with day long juice cleanses. But there are with Soylent for people adjusting to having it only one meal per day. I’ve never felt neck pain/ headache after eating anything before in my life. It just seems like a really weird side effect. Not an allergy/ adjustment.


To be honest, you are the first person I have heard of having this trouble, so I can’t really answer your question. I haven’t run across anyone else only having one meal per day having headaches. (Unless it was clearly an allergic reaction or dehydration or something.) …and certainly there have not been many reports of neck aches like you describe.
Perhaps someone else might have run across someone like this, I do not know.

The fact that you are such an unusual case makes me think a doctor visit might be needed.


Water isn’t the reason, that much I am sure.
OP doesn’t need to be worried about it being dangerous… The headache is a result of the tendons or how it is spelled, teightening up a little and/or blood vesels expanding or contracting. As for the exact mineral or vitamin that is the cause for you, depends on how your diet/blood was before… But the likely culprit is potassium because it is higher than what people normally get in their diet. But you should feel better after a day or two… If you don’t, then it could be something else. (Not poison lol)


Visit a doctor.

But i am asking because i am curious, do you have this kind of pain usually (i mean when not eating other food/drink but while doing something else)?


:slight_smile: No offense, but we can’t just always tell people to visit the doctor Tark. In this case, I don’t see what a doctor would do for her. Either he will just tell her not to do Soylent or say there is nothing wrong. Headaches triggered by Soylent are simply because of the fast change in the blood it causes vs whatever it was before. Because honestly some of the % of stuff in Soylent is much higher than what people got before.

Here is a very informative video about headache which begins describing the exact kind of headache I personally experienced on Soylents first day… ignore the fact that he is a Chiropracticer… not all of them are quacks.

He begins talking about nutritional reasons at about 6 minutes… he only mentions deficiencies though…


Given the example of nutritional deficiency causing these muscles in the neck to contract, it wouldn’t be far fetched to assume they are sensistive to nutritional changes. Could someone look into this to find the exact cause, other than assuming it is water? :slight_smile:

(It cant be a deficiency ofc since that would be silly right after drinking something containing nutrition)