Headaches after every meal

I’ve been on soylent 1.0 for about a week now, and within about an hour of every soylent meal I get pretty significant headaches.

What could be causing this? Should I stop drinking soylent? Is this common?

Are you adding extra salt? Most of the headaches seem to be from the insufficient sodium in Sodium 1.0 (which will be corrected in the next version, I believe).

edit: Tordenskjold is better at common sense than I am. You’re not the only one who has this problem. I don’t think the ingredient that causes it has not yet been pinpointed, unfortunately. @axcho was doing some experiments to see what might be the culprit, I’m not sure what level of confidence he got with it, though.

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“insufficient” doesn’t cause instant headaches after consuming something :slight_smile:

More likely something that is “too much too fast”


Is it brain freeze? How cold is your soylent? :stuck_out_tongue:

My experiments suggested that vanillin was the most likely culprit from these instant headaches. You might try isolating that variable.


Yeah, I’m fairly certain it isn’t sugar or salt deficiencies.

So I should just reduce my soylent intake? Are there any dangers in continuing soylent or is this fairly common?

It’s possible that the culprit is a higher amount of potassium than you’re used to. If you can, try easing into 100% Soylent gradually over time, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get used to it and the headaches will stop. Or so I hear. :wink: