Headaches on 2.0?

I’ve been drinking 2.0 for a few weeks now, slowly ramping up to 100% which was yesterday. Ever since starting I’ve been getting headaches, but never even thought it might be the Soylent until last night, when it was at its worst.

I’ve read a lot about how it could be dehydration. I guess it’s possible, I only had 4 glasses of water yesterday, which is normal for me, but maybe less than I need when consuming Soylent?

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I get ever-so-slight headaches on most 100% Soylent 1.5 days, regardless of drinking plenty of water. I haven’t nailed down the cause, but I currently suspect lack of salt might be it.

I don’t think I noticed the same thing when I tried 2.0, but I only tried a few days around 100%, and I think I had some other snacks too.


I got slight headaches when I started v1.4.

There are over a hundred posts/comments about headaches. The general consensus is they are caused by 1) too little additional water being consumed, 2) not enough sodium, or 3) more potassium than the user is used to.

The general consensus (echoed by my experience) is that the headaches disappear in 3-7 days.

This may or may not be your experience. Best to you.


drink water.
put salt in it (unless your doctor has recommended that you restrict salt intake).

I only really noticed one thing about the headaches I got with both 1.0 and 1.4 Soylent… they were caused by the muscles at the back of my head

I suppose these smaller ones… which would tense up and not stop tensing. (stiff neck I suppose you could say)
They would tense up so much, that the strain on my skull would end up being painful… same thing would happen to the smaller muscles in my eyes… My own best guess was related to something I was getting, and not something I was missing, as the problem would happen a few hours after drinking Soylent… it would not make sense that it was something like “not enough water” or “not enough sodium” in such a situation… more likely would be too much of something, or a problem with a specific isomer of a vitamin/mineral? Since not everyone experience the problem, I am leaning towards me, and the group of people with similar problems, being sensitive in some sort of way to something specific in Soylent.


I got about two slight headaches in a year of nearly 100% Soylent 1.5.

Considering there’s water in the Soylent 2.0 that you’re drinking (and assuming you’re drinking at least three or four bottles a day) plus the fact that you’re drinking four glass of water in addition to that? I would say you’re probably fine regarding water intake. The notion that humans need to consume eight glasses of water in a day is not based on science at all. It’s just a thing people say… like “We only use 10% of our brains.” That one’s not true either :wink:

I’ve been on 100% Soylent 2.0 since it was released, only eating solid food when I dine out (2 maybe 3 times a week at most and only on the weekends). I haven’t experienced any abnormalities.

My guess would be that it could be low sodium levels, as others have pointed out. The amount of sodium a person needs could probably vary greatly depending on the individual… with things like BMI, metabolism, amount of physical activity, etc. etc. all factoring in.


Good points.

The thing I don’t get about the sodium argument is, I’ve gone a week (three times) with no food and just water. No headaches.

We don’t think it’s low sodium alone, we think it’s the relatively high potassium combined with a reduced amount of sodium.


I think this is most likely to be the answer out of the possibilities that have been raised here. When I started 1.5 and was getting headaches, they would come on almost immediately upon consuming Soylent. It didn’t make any sense to me that it could only be a deficiency of water or sodium, because I wouldn’t suddenly become deficient in those things by drinking a half-glass of Soylent. So at least for me, the headaches must have been related to the consumption of something in Soylent. At the time I thought it was the sucralose, but now my best guess is that it was the sudden high intake of potassium without a corresponding amount of sodium.

Or, it could be something else entirely. Like everyone else, I got over it after a few days. This was with the addition of salt, but that could be a post-hoc-ergo-propter-hoc thing rather than cause and effect.


I am late to the party but have a theory. I get headaches with multivitamins if I don’t drink sufficient water. Perhaps it’s not dehydration but the level of supplements in Soylent that would cause this?

Like everyone said they would, my headaches went away within a week. No change in water consumption. I think I just needed to get used to one or more of the ingredients.


The first day of drinking 2.0, I’d get terrific headaches right after drinking it.

The second day, I’d get slight headaches.

The third day on, no headaches.

If I stop Soylent for any length of time (if I go on vacation, for instance), I’ll get slight headaches my first day back. I assume it’s from the potassium hitting my system at once, but who knows?