Headaches on Soylent


So, I have not received my one week order of Soylent yet. But! Spud had some extra Soylent so I bought and received one week. I have tried it three mornings so far, and I’m having an issue with headaches. Now, I get migraines on a regular basis so I already deal with that. I’m hoping to eliminate more food triggers but that won’t be possible if Soylent gives me headaches.

On the first morning, I used 2 tablespoons of Soylent mixed with water. No headache, but quite a bit of gas later that day.

On the second morning which was the next day, I used 3 tablespoons of Soylent. Reduced gas later that day and a headache (not a migraine). I took a break of 2 days here.

On the third morning, this morning, 3 tablespoons of Soylent. Absolutely no gas at all, and once again the very same, non-migraine headache. I basically never get non-migraine headaches, so this is a thing that is weird.

Ok so hold your horses - there is no way that low sodium or high potassium is causing these headaches. I used 3 TABLESPOONS of Soylent, equivalent to 1.5oz, with 2 days’ break inbetween. The rest of my meals were normal and completely absent of the migraine food triggers I have identified so far.

Anyone have an idea? Of course I will continue trying 3tbs of Soylent but this is kind of lame because that’s not even enough for one meal and I really don’t like being in pain without even a tradeoff of not needing to buy other food and pack my lunch and such. Who else had headaches and did they go away? How bad were they? What time of day and how much Soylent did you eat?

Axcho has mailed me some of his/her leftover artificial vanilla flavor so I can test that out as a possible headache trigger. I haven’t received it yet but will update when I try it.


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@SoylentJesus, please give @Seaine the benefit of the doubt here.


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If I took three tablespoons of peanut butter over three days, I would die. Later that day.

A headache is entirely reasonable.


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So ignoring all of the spamming/offensiveness of SoylentJesus, I’ll answer a few questions which more reasonable people might have.

No, I didn’t do any of those things such as changing toothpaste, etc.

No, the headaches aren’t migraines and are therefore unrelated to my migraines.

Yes, I’ve had obvious responses to other foods (and in much smaller amounts than 3tbs) so no, it’s not unreasonable to think Soylent could give me a headache.

Anyways, I’ve noticed posts here and there about headaches but they’ve kind of been swallowed amidst all the mustard gas posts. Others who’ve had headaches on Soylent, please respond.


I had a fairly mild headache on one day, but I attribute that to adjusting to Soylent. I ramped up on it over about a week, but never had issues after just a little bit. I think you may be sensitive to an ingredient in it.
Keep us posted once you get that sample from Axcho.


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How physically active are you? And I wasn’t quite clear from the original post, was this small amount of Soylent actually substituting for an entire meal those days? If so, then I’m thinking simply being slightly undernourished could be the culprit.

One thing I (and others) have noticed about Soylent is that if you haven’t had enough and you are suddenly highly active (for me it was a mountain biking expedition), it’s a very different experience than if you just had not quite enough protein, or carbs, or any other single thing. It’s like - all systems crash at once. At least it was for me, and it was a really foreign feeling. I could see it possibly manifesting in someone else as a headache, especially if it’s not as extreme as having a couple Tbls of Soylent and then going for a heavy bike ride.

That’s my 0.02…


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I’m a zookeeper in Florida, so moderately active outside in the heat everyday. I drank the Soylent first thing in the morning, and then continued to eat in the morning/throughout the day as I became hungry. I consumed as much if not more calories than normal (the Soylent seemed to stimulate hunger).

I’ve actually felt less tired and more energetic on the days I drank Soylent in the AM, so I don’t think it’s a not enough food type of deal. Also, in the past on days when I haven’t eaten, the no calories never seems to manifest itself as a headache. Thanks for your input though! You didn’t have any headaches, just felt tired?


@SoylentJesus :slight_smile: you seem to be coming across as slightly annoyed at the OP in your posting :wink: try to avoid making it “confrontational”

as to the headaches… on my first day of Soylent I experienced headache after I felt the back of my neck stiffened slightly… this headache did not return on day two.

May I ask what kind of headache you are experiencing? where in your head you do feel it? pressure headache? Stiffness headache? I wouldn’t rule out the potassium as I was fairly sure that was what caused it for me and the reason for it not returning… but the amount you were using is so small that it’s hard to tell, and SoylentJesus has a point in regards to blaming Soylent for your headache when using so little is “unscientific” You should try a full day to prove or disprove it.


I am not quite sure how to describe headaches… just feels like a pain in my head! I feel it at the front of my head and the sides. It’s not a stabbing pain, it’s a dull wide area pain. Taking 3 or 4 Ibuprofen puts a dent in it.

There seems to have been some misunderstanding as to the amount I drank - 3 tbsp each morning, which is about 200cal each morning, or a total of 400cal over 2 days. In regards to whether or not the Soylent causes my headaches; as I said I don’t get non-migraine headaches. The only thing that has changed is Soylent. I think most people are assuming that when they get mustard gas, it’s the Soylent as that’s not something that normally occurs to them. It’s the same thing with my headaches. I’d prefer not to do a full pouch and then be in a LOT of pain, as opposed to a manageable amount.


The most frequent “cure” for headaches that I’ve seen in this forum has been additional water. Maybe you just aren’t quite hydrated enough? The small amount of Soylent you’re talking about makes me think it’s unlikely to be related to Soylent… but maybe your water ratio is off? How much water are you mixing per Tblsp. of Soylent? You should be at a 2:1 water:Soylent ratio, ideally.

When I had my “crash” experience, it wasn’t tiredness… it was more like - all systems shutting down now buh-bye. Got lightheaded, started kinda blacking out. Slightly nauseous… all around no fun. Some additional Soylent as well as a little pack of gummi fruit chews I had with me, plus a couple minutes’ rest and I felt fine again. Hasn’t happened any other time, and I don’t normally exert myself that intensely so, to me the connection was pretty obvious.


I got the exact same kind of headaches the first few days, and I was only drinking Soylent for one meal a day, so I know it wasn’t the lack of salt. I too get migraines, but these headaches were dull, and had no aura, definitely different. There probably is something in Soylent that your (our) body needs time to create a way to digest that you don’t have at the start, but I can tell you that mine have gone away completely.


I put 10oz of water in with the 1.5oz of Soylent. By the morning it’s down to just over 8oz - I guess the Soylent “drinks” some of it overnight. I found this amount of water to make it very drinkable and nice. It’s not like I’m replacing my water consumption with Soylent so I’m not really sure how you mean that could be giving me a headache.

Thanks @soylentnoight very encouraging to hear someone else who had similar headaches to me. How long did it take for them to go away?


Holy cow that’s a thin ratio of Soylent! That standard ratio would be 3oz water to 1.5oz Soylent. You might want to give that a try…


Yeah like vanclute is saying :slight_smile: your body probably thinks it hasn’t eaten at all and you may have “hunger headaches” would be my theory