Headaches? the magic of banana for taste


I was just curious if anyone else has experienced headaches. I am on day three of my diet and have experienced headaches since starting that wax and wane through out the day. Just trying to help pinpoint what it may be from. (possibly noopept). Also I have found that even though I dont think that soylent taste too awful ( i got weird tastebuds) that simply adding one banana to the mixture has dramatically improved the taste!!!( i also use vanilla flavored protein… my experience is that it is one of the best tasting protein powders that I have tried.


Thanks for the banana tip! I had some weird symptoms, including mild headaches, when I started out. I couldn’t explain them, and they went away. However, yours sound worse than mine. Have you considered talking to your doctor?


What carbs do you use, and how many is in your recipe? You may experience low blood sugar levels a while after each meal, if you are primarily using simple carbs.


I’ve heard that some nootropics can deplete choline, which can cause headaches. Do you have enough choline in your mixture?


hopefully this link is veiwable to others… https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvLRl_cqXhCndG1uOHBpOHZXMURTZ2ZIcTFRSkg1M0E&usp=sharing
Im not sure who posted the beginners recipe with noopept but i made some changes and calculation corrections specific for my goals. The only thing I am missing I am missing at this point is the monosodium phosphate… was not avail on amazon when I ordered the other things and will probably get the creatine phosphate. Main source of carbs is from maltodextrin and I did realize i am just shy of the 45-65% percent of calories from carbs that is recommended. I also planned at a lower calorie intake since I have been grilling with friends lately, but I am using soylent to ensure that my basic nutrtional needs are accounted for as before hand they were not being met. I was hoping the headaches would be transient and they have not been as bad today. I have also been told that fiber would help detox the body and could also be a cause of headaches (which would also be transient as well). Tomorrow I will leave out the noopept, and add some more carbs. As far as the choline goes that is the only thing that I take separately as i dont want to deal with crushing tablets. But all in all I am impressed with how I have been feeling with my workouts. Def have more motivation and pep to get through them


I have regular headache and since starting soylent 4 weeks ago, I’ve notice a significant decease in the frequency and strength.


Were you guys big coffee drinkers who stopped drinking when switching to soylent? Caffeine addiction is a real thing and the biggest withdrawal symptom is Headaches.


I would agree with the caffeine addiction… especially for my headache but I also removed oats from my recipe and I didnt get a headache today. I need more testing to prove what may be causing them. I thought also maybe the maltodextrin… some people may get a sugar rush… others may just get a headache?

And I found a banana to be very helpful with the taste… matches the oats very well. Not that I can have them anymore… and I just bought a 5kg bag! =[


yes I have thought about coffee, though i have yet to completely give it up. I even tried a morning soylent with added instant coffee… not recommended. Let me know how the no oats continues to treat you. I thought about switching from maltodextrin as well. As far as the oats go, I am used to drinking protein after my workouts and the oats came before the other ingredients so I started adding it to my protein and I dont recall headaches at that point. Anyway today no noopept and I still gota headache after my am dose of soylent. Thanks for all the feedback. I will def. post if I figure it out, and will do more research on alternative to maltodextrin when I get a chance


Im waiting on more protein to arrive before i use more soylent, Im going to try with a 1/2 dose of oats to see if it affects me (headache or tummy). I’ll reintroduce the Alive! multi liquid too to see if that makes any difference.


What’s your sodium and potassium intake?
Sometimes, a lack of K+ might cause headaches.
[source TBD, sorryz]


Potassium is just over 4g a day but my sodium is is only 1/2g since i frequently forget to add table salt, but IMO 2.4 g a day is too much anyway. Left out the maltodextrin today just to see how it would go, and even though I woke up with a slight headache today, it has not been as bad as it has been even after my am dose. Gonna give it a little more time before either adding back the malto or swithcing anything else up


That is far too low! Even the American Heart Association has a “low-sodium” diet at 1.5g/day. Sodium is essential for many biological processes, and 500mg is at the point of “minimum physiological requirement”. I’m pretty sure that’s not where you want to be.


Card is correct. You need sodium… too little can be just as bad as too much.


Your body will be screaming for sodium, anyway. If you try to eat only 500 mg, you might find yourself licking the bottom of a bag of pretzels.


Thanks, never my intention of being that low… just need to be more vigilant about remembering to add it


Has this mystery been solved? I’m on my first day of soylent and I’ve had on and off headaches all day! I don’t usually get headaches, I know I’ve had salt because I had a normal meal for lunch, so I’m wondering if it’s this “maltodextrin” that I’m seeing popping up in other threads here and there but no one is conclusive…


Too much potassium is a possible culprit. I’ve heard that we normally get much less potassium than the official RDA, and so getting the amount that’s in soylent (which is just the RDA) could be a shock. But really I don’t know; a headache could be due to anything.

Generally speaking it’s pretty common for people to have various symptoms when they start doing soylent: headache, stomach pain, sore throat, flatulence, whatever. If they’re not serious then you can just try waiting them out; they’re likely to get better after a few days. Another approach is to gradually add soylent to your diet rather than doing it all at once.


Like @nwthomas said I found getting the proper amount of potassium caused a headache until I added more salt to the mix. Almost instantly the headache went away. Potassium lowers your blood pressure and salt raises it, so the ratio is important. /anecdotal>


That’s fascinating! What were the amounts of potassium and sodium you were getting that caused the headache, and what amount of potassium and sodium fixed the headache? Thanks!