Health and Weight Loss Goals and Results


I thought it would be cool to start a thread that talks about what you hope to achieve with using Soylent from a health standpoint. Here are my goals:

  1. Lose 30 pounds
  2. Overall better feeling of well being.
  3. Improved muscle strength.
  4. Improved endurance, for things like 5k’s, 1/2 marathons and hiking.

My primary measure once I get started will be how easy is it to lose weight on this product. My hope is that due to the simplicity of using it and always having a nutritious base to turn to, this will be sufficient to avoid the empty calories and avoid dangerous spikes in feelings of hunger which leads to bad food choices.

My concern with the product is the easy to digest carbohydrates, will they work against weight loss in my case? I plan on finding out and will report my results as I have them.


I would love to lose another 10 to 20 pounds, but really it’s more about shape. I’d like to just trim another couple inches off my midsection. That would make me extremely happy regardless of what the scale says.

The “overall better feeling of well being” I would say I’m obviously already getting. Wasn’t expecting that one at ALL but it’s been a fantastic surprise. Strength & endurance… I do so little that is physical, I’m not sure how to assess that. Actually no, I think I do… it just came to me. A couple months ago, a friend of mine who is an avid mountain biker in Santa Cruz, invited me to come trail riding with him. I’d never done anything like that before, and haven’t even been on a bike in 10 years or more. But we went, and had a blast, though it was absolutely exhausting. The last mile or so I just had to walk the bike - and that was on flat paved streets leading back to his home! I should hit him up and request we do the same ride again, see how I bounce back this time.

I definitely think the “avoiding empty calories and hunger spikes” thing is going to be a big win as well. I’ve certainly seen it in my life already so I anticipate that adding up to something significant after a few weeks.


I want to lose 5% body fat, that’s about it. Aside from that I don’t want to lose more than a few % muscle mass with my regular regimen. Fingers crossed.


I need to loose 50 lbs. based on my latest blood test, if I want to live past 40, i need to make a change. I eat horribly. I have been looking forward to this product as my turn around. once i start dropping weight, i plan on getting back to crossfit.


I would go with number 5.
A nutritionally balanced diet.

That may be inline with “2) Overall better feeling of well being.” but it is more the balanced nutrition that draws me to Soylent. That and the convenience. I often don’t even thing about eating when I get home from work and by the time I do it’s 9 - 10pm. With Soylent I can come home, drink some Soylent and then move on to what ever I need to do.

I’m also hoping that the nutritional balance and regularity of diet may help with things like being sleepy half way through the day or after getting home from work. (Getting longer hours of sleep probably has a lot to do with that as well.)

  1. Lose 55 lbs (5’4" female, 180lbs)
    1.a I would also. accept just trimming 3-5" off my waistline if I start working out instead. Mostly, I just want to use it as a tool to help slim down.
  2. See what it’s like to eat nutritionally balanced meals for the first time in my life.


@delusion reading your username with your post made me LOL! I wish you luck!


Hahaha! FAIR, I deserved that. :slight_smile: I will say that I don’t expect it to be an easy or a fast process! This is more of a lifestyle change that I hope to play out over like, a year.


i completely agree. I hope its longer than a year for me… maybe even lifetime.


Hopefully for those that want to lose significant weight like @delusion will share their ongoing experiences. Weight loss and healthy living is a journey, and you have to learn as you go. I love to learn from my own experiences, but like to read others to see if there are ideas that can help me as well.


Since Im trying to loose 50 lbs. Im 5’8" @ 230 lbs, I plan on doing a daily blog about how i feel and picture progress…


@achemerys Very cool, definitely link the blog here, I’ll pay attention for sure!


Ill be sure to put up the NSFW warning when i post pictures… ha!

  • Cut 50-60lbs (currently 5’8" male @ ~205lbs)
  • Cut body fat % to 10 or less
  • Clearer complexion (hopefully get rid of rosacea)
  • More energy
  • Better sleep

I’ll be taking pictures right at the very start and then hopefully if I achieve my goal but these will be personal ones unless specifically requested.


Dude!! cut 50-60 lbs would put you around 140lbs at 5’8". I think that may be too much! Have you talked to a doc about this? you may be skin and bone!

Do what you want, but just asking b/c i care.


Yeah I don’t think I’ll ever reach that much but 50lbs down from 205 puts me at 155lbs which I have managed before. We shall see…


@NoFlames, I definitely plan on keeping a blog. When I get my soylent, I will link it about. :slight_smile: I think it’s worthwhile to catalog as much soylent-experience as possible, for sure.


I wish people would stop focusing on body weight and focus more on body fat %. You can waste your muscle away and weigh a lot less but are you any more healthy?


Body weight is easier to measure that’s why I use that measure. I have scales that measure body fat but it’s really just an estimate that I don’t trust. And to answer your question, for me when I drop 30 pounds, I definitely will be healthier. It’s not going to be all muscle weight loss, and I my heart and joints won’t have to support the extra 30 pounds.


yes but you could lose a drastic amount of weight quickly and it be more muscle than is healthy. I understand its a guideline but people should really be concerned with body fat vs gravitational pull