Health Benefits of Soylent


Since there are so many experience threads, which can be a pain to dig through, or random one-off threads about health benefits of Soylent, I figured a mega thread where everyone can mention any benefits they’ve found to Soylent might be nice to have as easy digging around material.

Personally, I’ve had this annoying (mildly painful) clicking in my knee when traversing stairs for the past four months or so. I’d looked online about things that could be causing it and found everything from “it’ll go away on its own” to “OMG, get surgery!” Anyway, after finally ramping up to two full days on Soylent, the clicking is 100% gone. From what I can gather, it’s likely due to an increased intake of Magnesium, but still - Soylent fixed my knee!


The most visible is that my skin cleared up fairly quickly after starting DIY. I’m not talking about acne. I’m about 20 years past that. I had this dry spot, I guess you would call it, that I watched get better after a week that had been there for years. Also some small bumps got smaller and are pretty much gone now.

Generally feeling better and probably living longer is much more important to me. People have done some wacky things to live longer. I think decent nutrition is an obvious start.


I have been diagnosed with ptsd and major depression. Since Soylent (tomorrow will make a week) I have slept better and deeper. My dreams are fun now, not fear based like they were. I have stopped taking such long naps in the afternoon. I used to spend some days in bed all day but now a half hour works just fine. I have had the strong urge to meditate again and have been consistent with it. My focus has been razor sharp and have been making incredible plans for the future. One thing I actively avoided in the past.

I also noticed that my body craves more movement, upon waking I can’t help but stretch and contract then do a few stretches. Also my desire for alcohol and tobacco is way less than it was. I used to drink heavily, yes I know it’s not good for depression but it was the only thing that would take the nightmares away and allow me to sleep. Besides cannabis, which I don’t have legal access to anymore. But even weed I feel like I can do without. Tobacco was a little harder with it’s grip but I started to feel bad after smoking and just finished up the last of my American Spirit today and am going to go without tomorrow. Let’s see how it goes.

Overall this has been one of the best weeks in years. Thanks Rob and the Soylent Team.


For me the most noticeable thing is my energy level is more consistent. My mood tends to swing up and down depending on my energy, and with two jobs it has the tendency to be on the low side. But ever since I started Soylent it’s been more level, and my mood along with it. And I don’t know if this is related to Soylent specifically, but the other day I went 36 hours without sleep (not by choice) and after 6 hours of sleep I was fine and dandy!

I also used to drink soda (Dr. Pepper) by the case, but since Soylent I haven’t had a single one, which did result in a major caffeine withdrawal headache for a day, so in hindsight going cold turkey was a bad idea :slight_smile:


I also used to drink soda (Dr. Pepper) by the case, but since Soylent I haven’t had a single one

Since you mentioned this, I just realized yesterday that I used to have a habit of saying I’m not hungry (because I wasn’t), but then if someone nearby decided to make something I liked, I would decide to partake anyway. It wasn’t boredom eating or anything, just more an addiction to certain foods. Now that I’m on the Soylent - gone. Well, 95%, anyway; I’m still a sucker for french fries, but I’m trying to be careful and not overdo the calorie intake. (Soylent also makes that easier, too. I know that one of my 8oz servings is ~260 calories, so I can do some math and cut back when need be.)


Since starting a 60% soylent diet I’ve had less IBS symptoms. For the first week I was in the best mood of my life, I was absolutely euphoric. Now I just feel ‘pretty good’ most of the time with a steady energy level. I also seem to get the clearer skin effect some people report, however I can’t be 100% sure about this. I’ve had mild, transient heartburn every once in awhile after a Soylent meal. I have a psychological condition which causes me a great deal of dysphoria, but this has been reduced since starting soylent. In all honesty, Soylent has been one of the best things to ever happen to me, I don’t know what I’d do without it.