Health Benefits


Has anyone seen any health benefits switching to a mostly Soylent diet? Weight loss, lower blood pressure, more energy or better bloodwork?


I’ve had good weight loss results with Soylent, or at least I did initially. I lost 20 pounds in the first 8 months or so. I gained about half of that back over the course of a year but then got a grip on it and have continued hovering around the same weight over the subsequent year. The gainback in weight, however, correlates with a lack of discipline that has resulted in my diet going from “mostly Soylent” to “significant contribution from Soylent,” and that difficulty of sustaining discipline is a challenge with any dietary-based weight loss. I imagine a comparably healthy muggle food diet – especially with the need to cook – would be even harder for me to sustain.

I also feel like I have more energy when I’ve been consuming mostly Soylent.

Unfortunately, never had any before/after comparison done with blood work or blood pressure.


Significant weight loss (40lbs).
Also a weird one… my left eye for years just felt ‘odd’. Hard to explain, but was consistent (never managed to get anyone to tell me what the problem was, and didn’t bug me enough to worry me too much). On 100% Soylent, the weirdness went away. On a lower Soylent diet the weirdness is back at an intermediate level.


Lower cholesterol without medicine. More bowel regularity / predictability (but I add fiber), Don’t have weight issue but less weight fluctuations on Soylent - don’t need to worry about gaining weight. Experienced more energy at first on earliest version but don’t notice that now.

I should add: all blood test numbers come within normal range except I had to add vitamin D supplement of 2000 IU per day.


Lost 18 pounds, starting almost two years ago (lost 15 pounds in 6 months, held my weight steady for about a year, then a couple months ago starting losing again and have lost 3 more so far). At my last checkup doctor said my blood pressure was significantly lower. It was never bad, but went from high side of OK into the “very good” area. This is all on 50% Soylent. I perhaps could have done this with only normal food, but Soylent makes it so easy to both control calories and get good nutrition, so at the very least it made this change easier.

Update: Weighed myself today. I’m down to 143, so now 20 pounds below my pre-Soylent weight. Feel great, thanks Soylent!


Yes, all of the above


On 100% Soylent 50 Lbs weight loss, more energy, all my numbers improved greatly BP, glucose. cholesterol are normal or below normal. this all in about 6 months. I now eat one meal of real food and the rest of my calories are Soylent. I do cocoa powder ver1.9. good luck with your journey. starting WT. 251 - current WT. 201.


How many calories did you eat per day?


when I started I was doing 1600 Calories Soylent. for about 8 weeks than slowly started eating some fruits and veggies. I eat about 2000- 2200 now. I do cardio everyday so I’m still losing about a pound a week still. When I was on 100% Soylent I still had my morning Coffee!