Health concerns after 5 months on 2/3 soylent


First let me say that I’ve had mostly positive effects from consuming Soylent for breakfast and lunch for the past 5 months. However, my friend jumped in on this with me and has recently decided he’s had enough. The first incident was extreme stomach pains that lasted for hours until his wife took him to the ER. The doctors ran tests and said that they didn’t know the cause but something had seriously irritated his stomach lining. We still don’t know if it was the Soylent, but his diet is pretty boring and he had just drank his daily amount. We were drinking 1/2 pouch and then a regular dinner. Next, he went to Urgent Care after extreme pain and peeing blood. He had a raging infection- doctor didn’t say whether it was UTI or bladder. He had never had one before. And let me also say that my friend has always drunk tons of water- never coffee or soda- just bottles and bottles of water. Lastly, since his body seemed to be in some distress, he stopped drinking soylent and noticed his abs return. He thought he was just getting soft after hitting 40, but after a week off Soylent, his abs had returned. He’s guessing it was bloat or water retention. I just wanted to get this out there in case someone had a similar reaction and I could pass along some advice. There’s no way to know for sure if it was Soylent, but there may be some people who just can’t or shouldn’t be drinking it. Thoughts?


Excessive water consumption (if I take that word literally that it is much higher than what’s recommended) could be signs of something else deeper happening. My friend started consuming several gallons a day of water (spiking sometimes to 1-2 gallons per hour) for months, and eventually ended up passing away from a rather sudden illness produced by undiagnosed diabetes. The last week he was alive, he had an especially erratic diet and probably doubled his already massive water consumption.

I highly doubt that soylent was responsible for those issues, but I’m not a health care professional. Advise him to be careful and make sure nothing else odd happens to his diet.


@Sigerson peeing blood and retaining water is a sign of kidney failure caused by the infection. There is no way Soylent could cause a UTI.

As far as the stomach pains. How much did your friend consume in one sitting?


Symptoms of kidney failure include among other things fluid retention and nausea. Blood in the urine, kidney failure, and abdominal pain can be caused by an upper urinary tract infection (UTI). If your friend ignored symptoms of a UTI long enough for it to reach his kidneys and cause them to fail there is no telling what other symptoms he may of been ignoring. As eloder pointed out excessive thirst can be a symptom of diabetes and you did mention that he drinks “tons of water- never coffee or soda- just bottles and bottles of water”. UTIs are also more common in people with diabetes but people without diabetes can get them as well. I would strongly suggest your friend get his blood sugar checked just in case eloder and I are right about the diabetes. If we are not then that is one less thing your friend has to worry about.