Health concerns of people experimenting with Soylent

Are like the exact opposite of people eating normal food…!

  • Too much fiber: I actually experienced this recently, by probably over-measuring the amount of fiber to add to a DIY experiment by 2-3x :slight_smile: It’s not pleasant to poop a brick.
  • Not enough sodium!
  • Too much iron!


I have pancreatitis with 1/5th of my pancreas left. No gall bladder. Is this formulated for less fat or is the type of fat included ok for this condition?

Wow man, don’t let a bunch of people like us make medical decisions for you. We’ve got far enough along that we are pretty sure it won’t kill healthy people with all their organs in working condition. I wouldn’t go much farther than that.

Of course, I will slightly contradict myself immediately and say once you get the correct medical advice, being able to tailor your food to exactly what your body will work best with is a brilliant idea. You might not be a good match for the actual Soylent product, you may have to make a DIY (Do It Yourself) formulate to get everything just right. Soylent (the product) was engineered to work across as wide a population as possible. That might not be you though.

Maybe you should start your own thread. There are lots of people who would love to know what you try and what works or more importantly what doesn’t work. The more information we get the better we can make this all work.

Good luck!


If you do decide to create that separate thread to try to locate a DIY recipe, you might want to provide the broad outlines of the sorts of things that work for you in the normal food category. It helps to visualize what your particular condition needs.



And make sure you discuss the nutritional profile with your doctor before embarking on the diet. Any medical condition deserves a little back and forth with the doctor before changing major things like diet and activity levels.


Doctors are cluless. Not one of them could give me a definitely yes or no. When I was hospitalized they tried feeding me glucerna and ham sandwiches. That did not end well as I found out the hard way that the main cause of my inflammation is saturated fat. I can’t even tolerate deep sea krill or cod oils in minute doses.
I live now on a diet of rice, beans, lentils, and fresh pressed juices with added pea and hemp protien powders. That gives me all I need to survive.
I have started this stuff called tangy tangerine 2.0 and it gives me tons of vitamins and a good energy boost. I still supplies with a multi vitamin and some other essentials Like d, c, b12, etc…
I would like to try a version that has no saturated fat because I am currently living out of my travel trailer and if I could tolerate it, it would reduce the weight of food stores and save space.
eating is no longer an enjoyment issue to me, it is an issue of survival. So with that said, as long as I get what I need, I’m a happy camper…lol, pun intended.

I can’t find any recipes at that are completely saturated fat free. All the fat-source ingredients I use have small amounts of saturated fats.

Hey Abooza69…I was recently hospitalized for pancreatitis. I had my gall bladder removed in August and still have a number of digestion issues. I was wondering if soylent would be a good option for getting the nutrients I need without causing another pancreatic attack. Did you ever try this? How did you react if you did?

I hear you about clueless doctors. Nobody can seem to tell me what’s going on or why, so I don’t know how to prevent another hospitalization. I’d love to pick your brain a bit and get some advice as this is all new to me.