Health metrics to monitor while on Soylent


So I am going to start drinking Soylent almost exclusively as soon as it arrives which is going to be quite soon now. I want to Collect data about my body on regular intervals both before and after starting Soylent in order to illustrate the health benefits of Soylent. I have no experience in doing anything like this so I’m not sure what kind of data I should collect. Besides body mass, what kind of data should I collect and how should I collect it? I would like to collect data that would not only illustrate the health benefits of Soylent but would reassure a layman that Soylent is safe.


I think @rob had a general sort of health-check outline that people followed back in his first private beta programs. Maybe he can provide some insight, and you can build off that?


Ok, I will wait for a while to see if he posts about it here. If he doesn’t, where can I find that health-check outline?


He has a blood work result posted on his blog at the bottom of this entry here you could check out.


If you are ok with a cost. Get a blood work up at your primary. This can set your baseline, then return a month or two later for another work up and compare the results.
Personally I have been on different versions of soylent for about 3 1/2 months. During that time, I have lost about 15-17 lbs and my cholesterol went from high to normal (just below boarderline).
I attribute the weight loss not due to ‘dieting’ but rather only eating when I am hungry. Soylent took the ‘compulsion/pleasure’ out of eating so I only ‘eat’ when my tummy or brain says its time.
I think my body is just returning to its set point, but that’s a guess.

The cholesterol makes sense, previously I ate on a very regular basis, chicken wings and pizza and pretty much anything that was unhealthy. I still eat that on occasion but my portions are much much smaller.


So @rob had the CMP, CBC and lipid tests done. Those tests aren’t exotic at all and they seem to cover a lot of important metrics. I’ll have that work done and maybe a complete physical.


I feel as though a disclaimer should be made. Something along the lines of how we are all unique and as such may have differing nutritional requirements in which the current official Soylent may be to far off. While it is highly unlikely for a ‘healthy’ individual to fall so far outside the ‘norm’, it may make a preexisting condition more prevalent.


Data that I would find interesting, though somewhat challenging to quantify:

  • Quantity/Quality of Sleep
  • Mental Focus & Attention as well as their Quality & Duration
  • Mood Stability throughout the day
  • Perceived Frequency, Duration and Intensity of Stress (common daily variety)
  • Difficulty Level of Initiating and Maintaining a period of Exercise

In past ‘self’ nutrition experiments there was a marked reduction in sleep with increase in quality of nutritional intake. It would be nice to see if it occurs for others as well.