Heart rate and pressure increased uncomfortably after drinking soylent 2.0


I am a very healthy 43 year old. Ordered Soylent 2.0 bottles from Amazon, and have drank 5 of them so far.

I love the taste and the concept. But about 5-10 minutes after drinking, I begin to “feel” my own heart rate in my chest. I feel my heart beating much harder and my pulse increases by about 20 BPM. (From about 60 to 80 resting). I am assuming my pressure is increasing, but I have not confirmed this with a monitor yet. Its almost like what I would think an anxiety attack feels like.

I have absolutely confirmed this to be a result of Soylent, and at this point am considering it an allergic reaction as the experience is not pleasant in any way and rather uncomfortable. It is that significant.

These experiences and side effects are enough to warrant me doing a search in here, finding nothing, and registering an account to post about it. Obviously this appears to be very rare. Interestingly, I have no food allergies or medicine allergies, so this is a peculiar thing for me.

Hope this helps others who may be experiencing the same thing.


Advice #1: Stop drinking Soylent.

My wife has a similar reaction to red bull, except in addition to the racing heart her eyes puff up. Nothing else does that to her.


I think what you’re feeling is the thrill of future eating!

(Sorry — doesn’t sound fun. Be safe and well.)


I think an anxiety attack is a pretty good comparison. We know that such things can be caused by psychological factors. Some people can cause similar events with meditation. It is of course impossible for me to know whether you are allergic to unknown element x, but I’m skeptical.


Did you just drink the whole bottle all at once to start?

I would recommend just drinking 1/2 at first with each 1/2 size meal until your body gets used to it.
Then after a couple days you can try using a full bottle again to substitute a full meal to see if the reaction is still there.


While an allergy may or not be the cause (it could be an insulin response or other factor), I can assure you drinking a meal replacement drink is not causing me anxiety.

BTW I’ve practiced meditation for nearly 2 years and recommend all do it.


2.0 has a GI of 49, which is considered low, and a GL of 16.7, which I am assuming is also low, so unless you are used to a ketogenic diet it is not that.

I would suggest getting some soy protein isolate and trying a serving of that and see how your body reacts.


I get this feeling sometimes too. Drinking it slower plus actively trying to burp solves it.


I laughed. Your advice about “Burping” to prevent heart racing is pretty funny dude.


Same here. Within ten minutes of my first bottle of pre-blended 2.0, my heart was racing and I had sensations like an anxiety attack. Now, this is not the first time I’ve experienced this with liquid food–when I was blending a lot of smoothies for breakfast or lunch, I would get it if I included too much fruit (simple sugar) and not enough other stuff–green veggies, oatmeal, etc. Dialing back the speed at which I drank it also helped. Ultimately, this significantly reduced my interest in liquid food; the rate at which my body could process it led to feelings akin to anxiety, which isn’t something I otherwise deal with.

I intend to keep trying Soylent: sipping a bit more, trying different times of day, and possibly buffering it with other food. (Today was a bottle after having had only coffee about three hours after waking.) I’m optimistic, but perfectly willing to write it off if it doesn’t work for me.

Not posting with any particular advice–just reflecting a similar experience and noting that I’ve experienced it before and, to a limited extent, managed it by slowing down and not relying solely on a liquid diet.


Maybe you’re not used to the higher potassium levels. Americans get far less than what is recommended on a normal diet. Potassium affects the heart muscles, so I suppose it’s possible.


I found this by searching for “high heart rate after drinking soylent” and yeah what he described is pretty identical to what I experience.

The problem is that combined with fatty coffee and a protein drink for breakfast, and a normal healthy dinner, is probably the first way in years I have found to be a manageable diet that drops my weight.

Is the increased heart rate a dangerous thing? It doesn’t seem to last long.


None of us are medical professionals. Ask your doctor.


Some of us are very enthusiastic medical amateurs!


hmmmmmm should we be concerned that there aren’t any medical professionals in this e-community?


I recommend colloidal silver for what ails you.


While there are indeed some medical professionals here, we will always err on the side of caution and recommend one sees their personal healthcare provider. The human body is complicated and so many variables can produce similar symptoms. Potassium for example when low can cause irregular heart rates and high potassium can cause irregular heart rates. Heart rates are also effected by magnesium , hydration and of course genetics. @drewplaysdrums This medical professional recommends you
speak to your provider, get a CMP, CBC, lipid, liver, thyroid, mg & phosphorus labs and a baseline EKG. If you believe there may be a connection between diet & symptoms please share all of your dietary habits including Soylent and other foods.


Like one of the previous people, I googled Heart Rate and Soylent and found this thread. I’ve experienced this effect from Soylent. I’ve just started using the product 3 days ago to replace 2 of my daily meals. Today about 1hr after taking the Soylent and nothing else I had a rapid increase in heart rate (from 63 to 130). Not a very comfortable feeling, it went away within 30 mins, I feel fine now. I haven’t had this symptom ever before.