Heartburn from Hackerschool Soylent?


I’ve tinkered with DIY soylent a bit, but I’ve never subsisted on it for two or more consecutive meals until today. Today I decided to have soylent for both breakfast and lunch. I also had a cup of tea at breakfast (no cream or sugar). Just after drinking my lunch I started getting some surprising heartburn. I don’t usually suffer from heartburn. I’m using the original Hackerschool Soylent recipe, only I did not include the vitamin C. I estimate I drank 400 calories worth at each of the two meals.

Can anybody suggest an explanation for this?

One data point is that I chilled the lunch shake overnight, but I did not keep it refrigerated between breakfast and lunch. It was just in a drawer at my desk.


In my situation, I deduced it as a lack of naturally occurring enzymes to break down the food. My remedy was to add a digestive enzyme pill. I use Digestzyme V. Heartburn is gone, but it adds about a dollar a day to the costs. There may be cheaper alternatives.