Heartburn/Indegestion/Acid Reflux With Official Soylent


I have been having consistent heartburn every time I drink Soylent. I started last Thursday so today is Day #6. It’s really bad, yesterday I burped up what tasted like vomit or stomach acid.

I’ve only started having heartburn for the first time in my life over the past year, and I thought it was due to my poor diet. It wasn’t all the time, just when I ate really bad food. I was using Gaviscon whenever it happened and that would make me feel better. I haven’t used it since starting Soylent because I wanted to just see what would happen without anything extra.

I was hoping Soylent would alleviate the heartburn I was having before, but unfortunately it seems to be making it worse since I’m now getting it every day. Is this something that will subside on its own? Is there something I can do to stop it besides use Gaviscon when I feel it?

I’m not chugging the Soylent down. I basically drink it like any other drink, taking a few swigs every few minutes for 10-15 minutes, then putting it in the fridge for several hours, and repeat. I don’t get the heartburn immediately after drinking, it’s closer to an hour or so afterwards.


Are you overweight ?


I’m overweight but not obese. 5’3 and about 190 lbs, female, curvy. When I was at 150 lbs people were worried that I was losing too much weight, to give you an idea of how my body is. The average calculators say I should be at like 115 but for me that would be extremely underweight.

So, I’m about 40 lbs overweight.


Do you have a hiatal hernia?


@tabbyc - I was experiencing mild heartburn after consuming soylent, It’s calmed down in the last few days, and today makes 2 weeks on Soylent. I found if I add a banana it’s worse. You could be sensitive to the amount of potassium, that’s what I found out. If I consume soylent too fast I can still get some heartburn. But I found it helps to thin it out with more water to help in consuming it slower.


I have acid reflux and the couple of times I stopped my meds, it came back worse than before I started drugs for it. My doc said there is always a “rebound” time period after stopping meds like that, so perhaps that’s the issue you’re having.


A few ideas:

  1. You might be drinking a little too much (Soylent or water) at a time, over-filling the stomach and causing the reflux.
  2. You might have the herniated upper stomach valve.
  3. I suffered from heartburn for about 3 years until I used Omeprazole. After a 2-week regimen, and one 3 months later, I haven’t had chronic heartburn since. (I use the generic OTC stuff you can buy at Costco.)


+1 for this stuff. I get it perscription, but its absolutely wonderful. I take it once or twice a day (usually in the morning and before a potentially dangerous dinner or if my stomach is feeling like it might start up). Also, I have a hiatal hernia and it can be a total pain, but manageable.


@AlisonG No clue, but I’ll look into it. What other symptoms would indicate that? Would I absolutely know if I had that, or could it possibly be something I’ve been living with and haven’t realized? EDIT Follow up question for you @AlisonG, do you have a sliding or paraesophageal hiatal hernia?

@bjoshman That’s good to hear, and I will try it more watered down. I’ve been filling up the pitcher almost to the top but I could fill it a bit more. Also tried it with banana over the weekend and loved it so that’s sad to hear that it made it worse for you!

@Cobalt I wasn’t taking meds for it. Gaviscon is just an OTC product like Pepto Bismol. Thank you for the suggestion though. :smile:

@j8048188 Definitely not drinking too fast, I actually don’t like it that much so I’m not enthusiastically gulping it down lol. The herniated upper stomach valve is something I’ll look into, and omeprazole sounds promising.


No Doubt @tabbyc for days when I know I am not going to get through my full 2ltr batch I try to add a banana or PB to a lunch or dinner serving to boost calories a bit. And it’s makes it a special treat.


Yeah, I get mild heartburn with Soylent, too. It’s pretty manageable, though I think I might try the suggestion to add more water.


I more than likely have a sliding as it looks like only 5% of cases are the other. I actually don’t know for sure. I found out when I was getting checked for an unrelated issue with my esophagus. The test I had is called a Barium Swallow Test. They can also see it with an endoscopy. You could definitely have it and not realize it! If you get frequent heartburn, that can be a factor, but then you can also not have any symptoms at all. More than likely you shouldn’t worry about it too much, but definitely try omeprazole or something like it if its a problem. Continued acid in your esophagus can cause damage over time and other issues. If you are still worried about it, go see your doctor! That is what they are there for.


I get heartburn like that from oatmeal or conventional (oddly not organic/fair-trade) bananas. I’m a little concerned about heartburn from official soylent from the oat powder.

Are there specific foods you associate heartburn with? Maybe they share an ingredient with Soylent?


I used to have moderate to severe heartburn all the time. Here are some things I’ve discovered about it:

  1. If I drink caffeine, I will get heartburn. Sorry to anyone who has heartburn and loves their soda or coffee, but this is just the way it is! I can have a soda once or twice a week - any more than that, and my heartburn starts up again.
  2. If I drink alcohol excessively I’ll start getting it again. When I say excessively, I mean getting drunk everyday for a week. So, I can tolerate more alcohol than caffeine.
  3. If I eat a lot of oats, AND my heartburn is already acting up due to caffeine, this will trigger it. Now that I don’t drink caffeine I can eat oats. But before, oats would definitely do it. I understand Soylent has a lot of oats.
  4. Hot chocolate can trigger it.
  5. When I used to take meds for it, they would work great and as soon as I stopped the meds I would get a rebound. I noticed you said you were taking something for it and stopped at the same time you started Soylent so that could definitely be a factor.

I am not even close to overweight so that’s not a cause for me but I used to honestly have it pretty badly in my teens and early 20s. It was mainly the caffeine restriction that cured it for me.


I’ve found that oily and greasy things trigger my heartburn. and hot chocolate.


I have been getting a little heartburn from Soylent. I only get heartburn when my diet is too acidic. Whenever I get heartburn I just munch on some raw carrots and celery and its gone within 30-40 min.


Chocolate vs heartburn, http://www.foodnavigator.com/Science-Nutrition/How-chocolate-can-trigger-heartburn


Also on Omeprazole (a.k.a. Prilosec OTC) due to frequent heartburn and a peptic ulcer. Haven’t really had any problems since I started taking one every night. I’m only on ~33% Soylent per day right now. Haven’t noticed any difference, but that may be due to the Omeprazole keeping things in check.


It might be due to the amount of ascorbic acid. You can research more about ascorbic acid and acid reflux. There’s a study of correlation of how food industry started to add ascorbic acid in everything as a preservative, and the increase in heartburn/acid reflux in America.
Maybe you should use alkaline water to mix Soylent with if you want to continue on Soylent. (something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Natural-Alkaline-Artesian-20-ounce-Bottles/dp/B00EDSI3V8/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1403146408&sr=8-11&keywords=alkaline+water)

Articles (I’m sure you can find better ones but my quick google search led to these):



I added more water to my cocoa flavored DIY soylent and it helped a ton.