Heated discussion at work. What is your opinion?


Some of the people here at work who use Soylent say that they eat it and some say that they drink it?

Is there a proper use of the words eat and drink when relating to consuming a bottle of 2.0?

Just curious…I say drink for what that’s worth.


Really? This is really a thing?


Unfortunately, but no worries if this question dies a quiet death over there in the corner…


There is no proper use, what ever you prefer. We use eat, drink, consume, photosynthesis, etc.


Settled, thank you…


I say chug, chug, chug, chug.


I would say most people drink it, but I out crushed ice in and I chew it.


I reorganize soylent.

inside me.


Soylent, I want you inside me.

I shall integrate your constituent components into my meat popsicle form.


You drink liquids and eat solids. Soylent 2.0 is definitely a liquid.


I eat food and Soylent is most definitely a food, therefore I eat Soylent.


Although I’d consider lots of soups liquids, but I’d still say I eat those. That’s just me though.


In my native tongue (Chinese) we say you “drink” soup.


Soylent’s a drink. I drink it.


You might have a point if Soylent was in fact soup and I wasn’t intentionally making a generality to make the distinction clearer to our foreign friend.


I usually vape it.

Have I been doing it wrong?


I usually bypass the whole question by saying I’m going to have some. “I’m going to have some Soylent.”, “I had some Soylent.”, etc.

If I want to get fancy-shmancy, I use “consume”.


In the immortal words of Charlie Kelly, “When was the last time you ate a beer?”


When I had Guinness!


I say ‘drink’ but with the first versions of the powder I would say I was chewing it, but still refer to it as a drink (that is food).