Heavy Metal levels in Soylent

Is Soylent working on reducing the amount of heavy metals in their products? Or is Soylent satisfied with current levels?


After looking at the FDA total diet table,I get more heavy metal intake from making a spinach leaf salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives, and jalapeno peppers (which I make every night), I get more heavy metal intake from that salad than I do from Soylent.

I will let @Conor chime in if he wants, but I think the heavy metal found in Soylent is fine. I also appreciate how transparent Rosa Foods is regarding this topic.

Should they try to reduce the heavy metal content? Sure, as long as it doesn’t risk interrupting their supply chain or raise the price up because at these levels, personally, I have no concerns.


Cool dinner story bruh, yummy. Just don’t be adding old paint to your dressings I guess. I am simply wondering if RL has any plans to reduce these levels or if they are satisfied.

This thread is now about how Keith_Man is rudely dismissive of helpful posts from friendly people.


We have made huge reductions. We removed brown rice protein in 1.6. Rice has much higher levels of heavy metals and that played a big role in its removal. The reduction from in heavy metals from 1.5 :arrow_right: 1.6 / 1.5 :arrow_right: 2.0 was significant.


arsenic: 3.59
cadmium: 21.39
lead: 4.99

arsenic: 1.06
cadmium: 1.22
lead: 0.56


Haha. My reply was simply about staying on topic instead of making this about someone’s dinner or comparing Soylent to other foods. I read that response after reading this from the same user, so yeah not much love there: Trying new flavors - samples

So to be clear, I was not asking about veggies, or even how much they reduced it. I asked if RL is satisfied with the existing amount. Critical feedback is often met by zealot Soylenteers around here.

The reduction numbers are good info. Will there be an attempt to lower in the future? Or in other words, is that a goal Soylent has or just an outcome of different sourcing? Is there more info I could just read on how it gets in there and such?

We will always look into it. But we are satisfied with the numbers.


I would like to see it in this respect compared to a vegan meal without wine for instance compare alternative meat like soy, pea and seitan.

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