Heheheh Joke From Matt's Blog




I’ve got to say I’m in the exact same boat… I’ve spent SO MUCH time on my custom recipe over the last month. Hopefully I’m almost done, and once I am ‘done’ I can settle down into regularly scheduled orders of new ingredients, and mixing a week (or more) worth of it at once. Just got to keep working to that goal!


Lol same here. I can’t help but keep wanting to improve it, too. It’s becoming an obsession.

It tastes good now, though! I should just stick with it, since getting a good taste is hard enough.



Nice… I would say I’m somewhere in the 5/day to Daily on the x-axis and 30 minutes - 1 hour on the y-axis. Makes me feel a little better about building a DIY for the last month or so. :smile: