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Hey Rosa Labs, we been down this road before… Silence when there is an issue is the worst tactic ever in terms of customer relations and your community. Even if the problem is something you are not allowed to talk about because of legal reasons… You should still talk to us.

It is demoralizing to see the influx of people asking about their reorders that havn’t shipped… People being charge for a second month before even recieving the one before that. We all know something went wrong… :slight_smile: I love you guys so please don’t shut is out.

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Well said.
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We all want to see the continued success of Soylent. You guys can get huge. Don’t weaken now!


Their inability to respond to customer inquiries in a reasonable period of time is truly disappointing. I don’t know how much longer I will be a customer if I have to post on here and wait 2 weeks for a response just to remind them to ship my subscription every month.


Because folks don’t get adequate customer support earlier in the process, they post on the forum, understandably, and then do so regularly until the issue is resolved, again understandably. This has led to a situation wherein the forum has degenerated from a pretty interesting place to peruse discussions of substance on Soylent, nutrition, etc., into basically a “where’s my shipment” clearing house. Most threads seem to be along these lines now, so the majority of the forum is now unrepresentative of what people want to see, reactive, and frankly boring. The folks providing some of the $20 million that was just posted on the main page specifically mentioned the forum as contributing to the sense that something special was afoot here. Would anyone going down the list of new topics ever get such an impression nowadays?

Please, @Soylent, fix customer care, and let the forum return to a place for discussion rather than continue its decline into a place devoted primarily to last-resort pleas for help.


The @Soylent team has always been pretty awful at estimating schedules and communication. What made up for that in the past was transparency. When they decided they were now going to be a “big boy company” and be less transparent, they unfortunately didn’t increase their communication or scheduling estimation skills. So what we’re left with is a company with poor communication, no visibility into what they’re currently doing and from what it looks like once again poor schedule estimation.

I used to come here for information frequently, but there’s really none left to be had so I and from the looks of it, quite a few of the old regulars, stopped coming by.


As a new company gets bigger/richer, a place like this becomes less important.


A welcome announcement containing good news is in the works.

(My money is on the latter - but my cynical side won’t stop nagging at me.)


Emphasis mine. That is such an important thing for @Soylent to consider.

If only we had some additional @rob @JulioMiles tags for some of the recent investors.

Well said.


Like @RichGuy or something?


the good thing about a free market is someone will see the opportunity to take this monopoly away from these guys. Its a great product, just needs to be in different hands


Just a friendly reminder to @Soylent in case they’re maintaining silence until they feel like they have an appropriate answer:

Inaction + Time = Action


:slight_smile: they don’t have a monopoly already. There are so many alternatives and there has been from the start. Both products that existed before Soylent and copies/diy that came afterwards. (Quality and price is a different matter)


It’s been interesting/sad to see how the forum has now devolved into pretty much nothing but people posting about not getting their shipments. I really hope they get it worked out, but @Tordenskjold is right, Soylent’s complete radio silence on this is pretty messed up.

As an aside, I think it’s pretty nuts that they don’t seem to have an actual dedicated CS person. Soylent had posted a job application thing elsewhere on the forum about it, and honestly, I would have applied for it but they required living in the surrounding LA area. That’s kinda strange for web-based CS anyway, as I’ve done it remotely for a few places. There isn’t really a concrete reason why you’d need to be in close proximity.


My fear for Rosa Labs is that one of the big boys gets into the business. If that happens, then the only thing they will really have is a bunch of loyal customers. That’s what they built when they started by open sourcing the recipe, the DIY site and the forum. That’s what they are killing off with the lack of communication. The loyalty factor is a HUGE credit for them. Unfortunately every day that goes by the credit gets smaller.

I’m a huge fan-boy. If things would have continued with actually getting information like we used to then I would stay pretty much forever. Now I could be swayed away once a somebody else puts out a good enough product.

Please @Soylent think about what you are losing with the daily silence. What you built with the forum, etc. is something that companies would hire huge staffs for and pay huge amounts of money to get for their product. Please come back before you’ve lost it all. :confounded:


Customer service 101:

  1. Don’t lie to/mislead your customers. (I don’t appreciate being told that there is a software glitch preventing customer service reps from seeing customer replies after a customer service rep has already replied to a reply I sent.)
  2. Communicate openly with your customers. (If @Soylent had just come out and said they were having a problem with manufacturing or that they had screwed up my December subscription order, I would be able to stop freaking out and plan ahead.)
  3. If you screw up, make it right. (It costs your company much more in the long-run to secure new customers than it does to maintain loyal ones. At every other successful company on the planet that understands this, they admit their screw-ups and do what is necessary to bring back confidence to the customer: expedited shipping, discounts, etc. I’m honestly floored by Soylent’s lack of giving a crap about their customers here.)

Lack of communication creates distrust and resentment. Even if I received my shipment of Soylent tomorrow, at this point, I’m so disillusioned and disappointed with this company, I am having to seriously consider looking into its competitors. I can’t trust them to not take my money and leave me hanging, and I certainly can’t at this point recommend them to anyone as I had been doing for months up until now. I was a huge fan and just feel like they don’t care about my business in the slightest.
It’s so sad that not only does Soylent not seem to give a crap about its customers at all at this point, but even its founders seem to have completely peaced-out on us. A company that started out with such promise is sinking itself on the easiest thing here: open communication.


Don’t think they were lieing, about that honestly… as it would explain the problem. (but they havn’t said this officially)


I honestly feel like that is an inevitability. Probably not any time too soon, though. There’s a bit of a “popularity threshold” we’d have to hit before that happens. Once Soylent opens up international shipping + order turnaround times become completely reasonable, then we’ll really start seeing how many people are interested enough to buy in.


Luckily, I haven’t experienced any delays and wasn’t aware there were any until I got my “Soylent discourse” email and saw this topic. I was one of the original backers and got my first shipment early in August and I’ve been getting a month’s supply every month like clockwork. I actually had to pause my order for a month because all of the holiday dinners left me with a surplus to get through.

So, maybe they are having problems with some orders, but I guess I just wanted to put it out there that not everyone is experiencing the problems. Though if they are being silent about things, that’s a real bummer because even if they’ve been a bit slow before, their customer service has been pretty good in my experience.


UPDATE: I finally received an email with my tracking number, and fingers crossed I should be getting my shipment tomorrow. I also received a form email from the Soylent team explaining that they’ve been expanding, blah blah blah. I’m still pretty disillusioned with the way this last month has gone down and how the customer service was handled. But, I’m unfortunately hooked on the product now, so until a better alternative comes along, I’ll just have to hold on and and hope that they really do get better.

Anyway, I hope everyone else’s issues get resolved soon. It is a major bummer to wait over a month for a subscription to be fulfilled and almost as long to even get the courtesy of a response from the company about it. I really really hope they get it together soon.


I’ve wondered if Soylent is really just a front for a psychological experiment (maybe by the Rand Corporation), to see how much mistreatment a group of customers will accept and keep coming back for more. Stockholm Syndrome is epidemic around here.