Hello @soylent... Time to talk


Stockholm is not the reason. The reason is the product fills a market need not filled by any other major company. If somebody else was producing an equivalent product at scale, I guarantee that many of the discontent would jump ship. Many people have explicitly stated that the only reason they put up with the problems is because the product is that good.

So no, it is nothing like Stockholm.


It was much more Stockholm Syndrome-like back when there were many users who hadn’t gotten their product for around a YEAR, and others were still saying “shut up & be patient”. lol

Anyways, they’ve just talked, via mass email. There’s another thread about it. So shut up and be patient! :wink:


As a fellow victim, I can sympathize with those stuck in this long queue… and the failure to respond to reshipments and such is disheartening… But it seems there is light at the end of the tunnel now.

I also don’t really understand the venomous nature of some of these complaints about delays considering there are well reviewed alternatives readily available at comparable price… Schmoylent and 100%Food to name just a few. I just got my 3rd shipment of Schmoylent (within a week of ordering) and am very happy with the product. $/calorie is almost the same as Soylent. All that being said however, I still look forward to getting my Soylent!


The silence is deafening. But hey, at least they’re listening! (??)

Last seen: 1 day ago. Last post: 11 days ago.

Last seen: 20 hours ago. Last post: 80 days ago.

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What silence?

I imagine they will have another blog post soon, as well, once a few more details solidify. This stuff doesn’t happen instantaneously. But the above-posted mass-email is good enough until then. It’s far from silence.

Believe me - as an admin of a largeish-userbase website myself*, opening one’s mouth before every/major detail[s] is set in stone can be the worst move you can make. I think RL has already learned that lesson the hard way.

*~ 70,000 active users


They used to participate in the forum, though, like regular members. That part is definitely silent, and it represents a metacommunication of social distancing and apathy.


I predict that will change. You are projecting a coldspell into an Ice Age, or a molehill into a mountain. I bet they will hire someone to be a regular presence here.


I don’t want to make excuses and I won’t ignore the business side of this enterprise, but we should remember what a daunting task it is to design a one-size-fits-all meal replacement. Humans are arguably the most complex of organisms. Optimizing the formula for weight and shelf life and getting the oil blend into a powder form are likely the top projects for our friends at RL. The stress must be killing the nutrition team; they probably don’t get much sleep as is. The logistics of bulk shipment are also tricky; mislabelings and other hiccups in the system are inevitable.

Like I said, this isn’t to excuse Soylent’s overly cautious behavior the last several months but with the massive influx of money their investors have thrown at them, decision making has suddenly become much harder. The more choices you have, the more you regret whatever choices you pass up.

All I know is, I don’t know anyone that could have kept a company selling completely unflavored goop afloat this long, let alone secure 20mil (for ONE ROUND of investments). This company clearly has something game changing they arent showing us yet. Horowitz gave them 40 times what they gave facebook less than 15 years ago, and Soylent has far less users and no intention to drown us in advertisements.


Hopefully Horowitz has the pull to clean house and install some management that knows how to do basic stuff like correct billing, customer service, and order fulfillment. VCs aren’t known for keeping their hands off of their investments, even when they’re well-managed.


I can’t wait until Soylent has real time order fulfillment and reduced it’s price to $150 and possibly extras like flavors and body builder versions of Soylent subscriptions.


I don’t see them getting the price (in the first world) under $180 or so. I don’t think they plan to offer separate formulas either. They’ll likely spend the next 30 years just optimizing the default formula. No reason you can’t spike yours with protein, creatine and BCAAs though!


It’s been said that they will lower the cost from $3 a meal to a fraction of the cost. If that becomes 2$ a meal that means it’ll be about $170 a month (28 days worth of meals). If the average grocery bill is around $250-$300 then Rosa Labs isn’t fulfilling their original goal of making complete nutrition affordable unless they lower it from that average.

Good point about just adding in your own protein


You can kept dreaming. I just want to have my order shipped …

This is getting ridiculous, they make our bodies get accustomed to all the nutrients from soylent, and then leave us hanging.

At this point, I don’t know if I should just do grocery (and COOK again) or eat out, my soylent might come tomorrow or next month.

I expected to have stress - free diet with soylent. Now I gotta check discourse every few hours to see if @soylent reply to anyone.


Me too, man… me too…

It’s really getting ridiculous. We were promised quick shipments once we became reorder customers. They were doing well for reorder customers for a while. If they were going to expand, they should have expanded while sending out orders from reorder customers; They could have put the new subscribers on hold in the meantime or they could have sent and E-Mail to everyone alerting us all about a delay. They sent an E-Mail and said something about how they need to do better answering inquiries but so far nothing…


What I thought happened was, after the funding, they realized they need to change things systematically instead of fixing orders here and there (aka creating a new logistic system from manufacturing to shipping and handling). They figured they would rather be silent and get all the criticism for a while. Then, after every things are up and running, they will be opened for business again with current shipping for everyone. They also hired a bunch of new people and acquired 2 new factories, so training and consolidation production could be quite a task.

I guess they are betting on most of their loyal customers will stay loyal.


I thought of this as well. They probably figure that it’ll blow over and then everyone will be cheering the amazing service from here on out. They could have at least let us know they were doing something like this… well, not the take criticism silently while working but to let us know of a delay. I’ve seen some cancel for that reason…

Or figure new customers don’t know any better


I came to this forum because I haven’t gotten a response via email in over two weeks inquiring about my subscription… Not surprised to see this at the top of the forum. What is the deal @Soylent @rob? I find myself talking less and less about how great the product is and more and more about how it might be the worst customer service of all time–that includes Comcast, mind you. What is the deal?


to all of you who are concerned with not knowing when you’ll get your order, now is a good time to experiment with other soylent variants, such as http://discourse.soylent.me/t/official-soylent-vs-spacemans-100-food/14411

soylent isn’t just about the product we ordered, it’s about the DIY community that came along with it. and fortunately for us lazy folks, there’s lots of people out there selling their own blends, tinkering, improving, etc. it’s not an excuse for @soylent leaving us in the dark, but they did help create a pretty neat community


and http://custombodyfuel.com/ / schmoylent, lets not forget them.


I switched to that product because of digestive issues with Soylent, but I have no complaints about my experiences with the Soylent company. My emails always got a prompt and courteous reply and they fixed a problem with a delivery right away. I hope the current issue is just a fluke.