Help avoiding certain allergens with DIY Recipes


I’ve been allergic to many things since I was a child. I have scratch tests, blood tests, and testing myself with some foods just lead to more benadryl or gas.

My question is if anyone on here is a Nutritionist or would have the time to make a recipe for a 5’8, 145 LB male that exercises 4 times a week and is trying to gain weight, but cannot include the following foods due to allergic reactions (fish being the worst):

No: Fish (shellfish/seafood/etc), chicken, peas, beans, bananas, soy, eggs, rice, corn, oats, barley, potatoes, or peanuts.

It has been a nightmare trying to find enough variants in my daily dieting and cooking to meet my nutritional demands, so I hope either a DIY or some serious food processing will work.


In your shoes, perhaps try GOMAD.
Gallon of Milk a Day.
Seems like it is about the only thing you can eat that you haven’t listed. Maybe throw in some berries or other fruits for antioxidants and such. A multivitamin that doesn’t add more calcium might be good. Maybe supplement with some extra whey protein or a steak now and then. Finally get some extra fats with omega 3 in them, so add some canola oil to your milk.
Vegetables are always good, but you won’t gain weight eating vegetables.


Tried to come up with something. It’s hardly complete, but take a look. If your soy allergy isn’t set off by soy lecithin (most peoples’ aren’t), I’d add some of that for Choline.

Hope you like apples. (I would expect the applesauce to be eaten separately, personally, but you never know…)

Anyway, I hope it’s a start for you.


How does this one look? LoanRanger Fule

I currently have the recipe marked as privet. Hopefully you can still see it. If not let me know.


Have you tried it? I would be a little concerned about the taste, a tbsp or two of cacao could go a long way toward enhancing the experience, and may also eliminate the need for the iron supplement.

Looks like it may be a nice start for him, but I would also be concerned about the masa. @LoneRanger, does your corn allergy extend to masa?


Yes I’ve tried this recipe and it’s quite tasty… Unfortunately I missed where LoanRanger said he was allergic to corn. The mesa could kill him if the allergy is bad enough.


you can replace selection with Xanthan gum, or other(is usually not allergenic as it’s driven byproduct from bacteria eating sugers) to make the liquid thicker and have cholinebiterate (2g=400mg choline).

my two cents, hope it helps


A DIY based on whole wheat flour and maltodextrin (instead of oat flour) will be a good base. Most DIY avoid wheat because many people cite gluten sensitivity, but it’s otherwise perfectly usable.

You’d need to use ground flax or flax oil instead of fish oil to get your EFA’s.

And you can use whey protein just fine.

Sorry about your long list of allergies, but it seems like workable DIY formulas are well within grasp.