Help DIY selection and concerns


What DIY soylent would be safe to challenge for 30 days and has ingredients easy to buy locally? I’m not scared to use the internet to buy things but something bugs me about HAVING to rely on the internet for sustenance. I live in a big city and should be able to use gnc/health food stores to procure items. Anyone make a recipe using locally gathered items?
Also what concerns me is the possible nutrients that aren’t on back of a cereal box that I may be missing. Something that we take for granted with real food or don’t really know about like a enzyme,etc. I don’t want to find out my heart valves have eroded away or get some autoimmune thing and be on the news. I’m a hypocrite because when I’m not thinking so much about diet, I’ll eat at burger king and not give it a second thought so perhaps I’m thinking too much…


Im pretty new to this and am still waiting for my DIY stuff to arrive…but in my research…I found comfort with the People Chow 3.0.1 recipe

Seems its been tried by alot of people…has several updates (getting rid of oats to re leave gas and such) I dont konw alot about the neutrition yet…but it seems like alot of people have seen and tried this recipe with good results which is why its where im starting (if your ok with 2000 calories)…I bought everything from amazon but very simple ingrets you should be able to find at a GNC type store. Good Luck


I also would recommend People Chow. Some of the ingredients are actually cheaper locally like GNC, Masa, and oil. It use pure whey protein, which for the long term is cheaper on the internet but short term perhaps something at GNC, or a bulk bin store would work.
Official People Chow uses NOW Whey Protein, but several of us have discovered Hard Rhino Whey protein which is the same but cheaper.

Things like potassium and choline you could buy locally but they might be cheaper online and will last 4-6 months or longer.

Where are you? Perhaps we can help be more specific as to possible places that would have some of these ingredients.

easy local…1    Masa harina
medium difficulty to get pure local …2    Now Foods 100% Whey Protein Isolate
easy if you have GNC …3    GNC Mega Men® Sport - Vanilla Bean
harder local maybe GNC? …4    NOW Foods Calcium/magnesium 1000/500 mg
harder local …5    Potassium Citrate
easy …6    Iodised Salt
harder local …7    Choline bitartrate
easy… 8    Soybean Oil


While you do not have to buy ingredients locally, most of us do to save money. I could buy all of my ingredients at Whole Paycheck but that just seems silly to me. I try and support local economy wherever I can, but most of the ingredients require some form of processing so its not like I’m hurting local farmers. That’s my opinion anyway.

For the recipe, it really depends on what your goals are. If it is simply to get adequate nutrition in a drink form then select a recipe that has fewer ingredients. If you have other goals like weight loss or low cost, select one of those. You can use the filters on the side of the recipe page (scroll down for more tags) to narrow the amount of choices. For instance, the first thing I did was to select 100% complete nutrition, and then Keto.

Good luck!


Skimmed your post and didn’t see this. This is a big thing about soylent. There are many things we don’t know. We can only hope that soylent will bring to light things we didn’t know before. Many people have been on this for months on up to a year.

Regular blood test and doctor checks ups will avoid any major problems. For example a blood test can show your iron level is off, you can then adjust your soylent. Or that your not getting enough D, then you can adjust it.


I live in Jacksonville florida. I’ll look at the people chow. I’m very surprised that the concept of soylent hasn’t been seriously explored already. I mean, I have a TV in my pocket but food is still burning an animal with a campfire to the general public.

I work as an RN in an ICU. My ventilated patients are often prescribed tube feeds such as nepro, jevity, impact, oxepa etc. I’m well exposed to what happens after digestion of these clinical formulas and no thank you. I often have no time to eat during my 12 hour shift which is what lead me to soylent after some googling. It would be nice to have good nutrition I can just sip and wouldn’t have to rely on someone else to watch my patients. Why is there no legit food in a can I can just scoop out and mix already? There are nutrition supplements but none if them have the cahones to say you can live off their product entirely.


I think that our culture has really been unable to support a need until more recently outside of the medical profession.

Whole foods or Native Sun may have some of the harder to find ingredients. They (at least Whole Foods) should have bulk bins at which you will probably find whey and your carbs of choice.


I bet Heisenberg off breaking bad could make a good soylent lol.

I have whole foods and native sun nearby.

I bet I could find everything among gnc, whole foods and native sun.

I have to get over my fear of being a test subject now. Wish I could just fast forward and have a tested nutritious, safe functional recipe. I do know you can beat up your body quite a bit before it gives up though. Some people live off alcohol cigarettes and McDonalds for decades. I take care of more than a few of them. That being said I’m sure if some essential thing is missing from these processed cocktails we won’t really ever find out and be able to stick the blame on our powdered recipes with unequivocal certainty.