Help for a DIY Newbie


I am not sure if this is already in progress, but is it perhaps feasible to create customized Soylent for customers based upon their profiles? The profiles are beautiful. Figuring out how to DIY is a pain the rear end. I’d pay for someone to create a unique blend and prepackage it for me. I am essentially looking for a low carb (pre-diabetic and sensitive to carbs) weight loss formula for an overweight woman in her early 30s.


Rosa Labs does not currently provide this service. I believe @axcho does custom blends. He has a whole line of “Fuel” recipes, designed for different people.


I’d suggest you go to, a forum for small-s soylent sellers, and post in the Ask the Dietician category. He’s looked through all the DIY variants that are for sale there and could advise you which one best suits your profile; and if none’s quite right, @axcho or another maker could probably customize something for you. (You’re far from the only pre-diabetic young woman who would like a weight loss formula!)


@kmziemba you may check for existing Low Carb 100%FOOD, based on Zone Diet with 40/30/30 Carb/Fat/Protein ratio.
According to reviews from diabetics 100%FOOD does not cause insulin spikes in the blood (even chocolate version due to balance of simple, medium and long carbs) and helps to loose weight.

If you need help - you can always ask Dietitian on the forum as @asympt suggested.


I’ve used products from both @Spaceman and @axcho, though with 100% Food I haven’t tried any of the new varieties. I’ve also tried Official, which so far is my favorite, flavor wise.

If you want a low-carb/ketogenic recipe, I know for a fact that axcho has one that you can order (he created it for my girlfriend) and it actually works… when she manages to actually drink it! Again, I haven’t tried any of Spaceman’s newer stuff, so I don’t know what he has.


Thanks @antilight for review,
you can read a fresh review of Low Carb Chocolate below.
Customers say that it goes more smoother: